Customers Seek New Provider as Postini & Webroot Exit Email Filtering Market

The news that Google will pull the plug on Postini spam filtering software may not come as a shock to the 26 million businesses and consumers who use the product to keep their inboxes clear of email spam. There have been rumors circulating for a while now about the Postini Anti-Spam pull out. However, now it is time to actually start looking for an alternative email spam filtering provider, as the rumor has been confirmed as being true.

Google is attempting to move all Postini customers over to Google Apps, which the search engine giant hopes will be a smooth process. Not all Postini customers will welcome the move. For them, they will need to put effort into assessing the alternative spam filtering to Postini and will need to choose another vendor.

Google Apps may offer email security solutions but there are drawbacks, the main one relating to privacy. Google does like to know everything about its customers and many organizations are unhappy about giving Google so much information about them and their business.

A new Anti-Spam solution is critical

Since email spam filtering is a critical business system, there cannot be a gap between the termination of the Postini service and the implementation of a new spam filter. Due to the volume of spam emails now being sent, inboxes are likely to be swamped with spam the second the Postini service expires. Spammers are likely to seize the opportunity and send out even more emails hoping to capitalize on the gap in service that many companies may experience.

Changing provider is a pain. Small enterprises are typically short staffed and switching any service provider means a lot more work needs to be done. When staff are already stretched and overworked, the time needed to assess new service providers and install and test a new Anti-Spam system must be found from somewhere.

It doesn’t take a long time to change an MX record, but changes allow errors to creep in. If a period is entered in the wrong place it could result in the email system grinding to a halt. Email crashes can take a long time to resolve.

Postini’s exit from the email filtering market may not be a shock, but Webroot customers are likely to have one. They too will have to find a new Anti-Spam service provider. It would appear that by the end of 2013, Webroot will also be pulling the plug on its anti-spam products.

SpamTitan is the natural choice for soon to be ex-customers of Webroot and Postini

SpamTitan email filtering solutions are an ideal alternative for Webroot and Postini customers. SpamTitan is an up and coming company that is growing at an impressive rate. The company has now topped the honors list in recent industry awards – SpamTitan has just been voted the Number 1 Anti-Spam solution in July’s Virus Bulletin Test – and in addition to an impressive catch rate and low false positive rate, its anti-spam solutions represent excellent value for money.

SpamTitan advantages

Businesses located in over 100 countries around the world have adopted SpamTitan as their preferred Anti-Spam solution. The company’s products are highly effective at blocking spam email, with SpamTitan filters preventing 99.97% of spam emails from being delivered thanks to the powerful dual AV engines at the heart of the software. Tests have shown a false positive rate of virtually 0%, and additional protection is also provided by an anti-phishing module.

Summary of benefits of SpamTitan Anti-Spam solutions

  • Catch rate of over 99.97% – Fewer spam emails will be delivered
  • Virtually 0% false positive rate – Genuine emails will not be caught in its filter
  • Dual AV engines employed– Kaspersky Labs and Clam Anti-Virus stop more spam
  • Anti-phishing capability – Anti-phishing protection to prevent malware infections
  • Multiple deployment choices – Choose from ISO, SpamTitan on Demand, and VMware
  • Competitive prices offer cost savings over competitors
  • Seamless migration from existing Anti-Spam service providers
  • Excellent customer service

For further information on migration, pricing, and implementation timescales, just give the SpamTitan team a call.