Top 5 Spam Catching Ranking and VBSpam+ Certification for SpamTitan

There is good news for users of SpamTitan Technologies’ anti-spam solutions. The company’s innovative solutions for dealing with email spam have been awarded VBSpam+ certification from Virus Bulletin. The Virus Bulletin anti-spam software tests are widely regarded to include some of the email security industry’s most rigorous tests, and the results are trusted by industry professionals and users alike.

The anti-spam award is only issued to companies whose spam solutions are shown to be effective in practice. Any product that fails to block sufficient volumes of spam emails will not receive accreditation. SpamTitan has performed consistently will in Virus Bulletin Tests, and this is the 28th consecutive time that the company has received an anti-spam ranking from the bi-monthly tests run by Virus Bulletin.

In contrast to previous tests, Virus Bulletin has assessed products on two counts this time around. Spam catch rates were examined in addition to the number of false positives. Overactive anti-spam products that block genuine emails can cause many headaches for businesses. Any email that is incorrectly blocked could potentially mean the loss of a client. It is therefore essential for an anti-spam solution to have a very low false positive rate.

When tested in May 2014, SpamTitan registered 0 false positives. In March when the test was last run, SpamTitan also registered a false positive rate of 0. These results were among the best recorded for all email spam solutions tested by Virus Bulletin. In fact, SpamTitan has only recorded one false positive result since November 2013, demonstrating the consistency of the product. It continues to deliver industry-leading standards of spam-detection. Users of the product also benefit from an extremely competitive pricing model.

SpamTitan Demonstrated a Spam Catch Rate of 99.81%

The May 2014 test for spam blocking saw SpamTitan register a catch rate of 99.81%, with only a slight drop registered since the test was last performed in March, when 99.85% of spam emails were blocked. The consistent results and superior spam-blocking also saw the company receive its fourth VBSpam+ award for exceptional performance. This earned the company a position in the Top 5 anti-spam products under test. The spam-catching percentages achieved over the past months have also been very high, with the lowest rating being 99.73% (January 2014.)

CEO of SpamTitan Technologies, Ronan Kavanagh, was proud of the high ranking and spoke of the importance of having an independent third party conduct performance tests. He pointed out that the Virus Bulletin test results can be trusted as they have no bias. Organizations looking to deploy an anti-spam solution can therefore rely on the results and choose accordingly. Companies already using anti-spam software can also view the results to assess how well their chosen product fares against the competition.

An anti-spam solution must be effective, as any spam emails that get past the filter could potentially result in a phishing email being delivered to an employee. The high catch rate shows the quality of the product that uses not one but two different anti-virus engines to ensure dangerous emails prevented from being downloaded and delivered to end users.