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Blocks 99.9% of Spam, Viruses, and Other Threats that Come Through Your Email

SpamTitan, a leading business anti-spam filter, controls, cleans, and protects against unwanted emails while blocking spam, viruses, and malware.

Advanced Email Security Made Simple

Real-time Blacklist

Protect your business by blocking spam emails in real-time.

Easy & Quick Installation

See immediate results after a very quick and easy set-up.


Protect your business on-the-go with our cloud-based system.

Virus & Malware Detection

Block viruses and malware from affecting your business.

Outbound Mail Scanning

Ensure that malicious emails are not sent from your corporate emails.

Free Tech Support

We offer excellent free technical support from a live technician.
The best way to describe SpamTitan is GREAT VALUE!

With its 99.9% spam catch rate our IT department doesn’t have to deal with frequent email threats that were hitting our campus and now they can spend their time more productively.


Senior Technical Analyst, De Montfort University

SpamTitan Has a 99.9% Catch Rate with a 0.03% False Positive Rate

  • Filter your organization’s email traffic to stop email spam from reaching your users
  • Detect spam through multi-layered analysis including: real-time blacklists, SURBLs, sender policy frameworks, and Bayesian analysis
  • Rest easy knowing your users never lose genuine email, but are protected from unsolicited emails