The 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference is a highlight in the calendar for IT professionals working in schools in California. While there are many conferences in California that provide opportunities to discover the most beneficial technology for the education sector, the 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference is unique. It is the only annual conference in the state that caters specifically to IT professionals working in schools.

Consequently, the 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference is a hugely popular event drawing in visitors from all across the state of California and beyond. This is the 56th year that the conference has been staged and a large audience is expected. Attendees will include CTOs, Directors of Technology, Data Base Administrators, IT Support staff, Technicians, Network Managers and Engineers. Attendees are provided with a unique opportunity to conduct research on the latest technology and can find out more about the best IT products and services for K-12 schools.

In addition to providing an excellent opportunity for in depth product research, the conference is also a great place for building connections and networking, sharing ideas, discovering best practices and finding out how to avoid problems when starting new projects.

TitanHQ is pleased to announce that the its IT security products will be showcased at this year’s event and attendees will be able to discuss their web filtering and spam filtering needs.

A recent study by BitSight has shown that the education industry is now the top targeted industry by ransomware gangs, with schools and other educational institutions having been attacked with ransomware three times more often than the healthcare industry and 10 times more frequently than the finance industry. The use of security solutions such as web filters and spam-filters has never been more important to keep networks secure.

TitanHQ’s Alliance Manager and Education specialist Eric Simpson will be attending the conference to discuss how TitanHQ’s products can be used to manage online threats and staff, students, and school networks protected.

Be sure to visit TitanHQ in the exhibition hall; however, since the event is likely to be busy, please contact Eric – – in advance to arrange a meeting.

The 2016 CEPTA Annual Conference will be taking place at the Sacramento Convention Center between November 8-11. If you have not yet registered for the conference you can do so on this link.


2016 CEPTA Annual Conference