WebTitan provides a simple and easy solution to protect your company and employees when online.

Why use WebTitan?

WebTitan provides a simple and easy solution to protect your company and employees when online.



Protect your users, your organisation and your brand



Meet with your organisations or industries usage policy



Incredibly simple for you to manage and your staff to use.

WebTitan DNS Security and DNS Content Filter
Key Product Features:

Malware Blocking

Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites

Content Filtering

Eliminates malicious and inappropriate content at the source

Flexible Policies

Different considerations for different environments

Secure BYOD

Protecting remote and work from home end users

Scalable & Fast

Solutions can handle any volume of usage with no latency


Delivering all the reporting you need to control and protect

All API Driven

Remote Management and Monitoring via API

Best Support

Renowned for our top class support and product on-boarding teams

Phishing Prevention

AI-Powered Protection Against Active and Emerging Phishing URLs including Zero-Minute Threats

Malicious Detection Service

Monitor and identify malicious threats in real-time with unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy.

Business Email Compromise

Protect against BEC and email account compromise

Data Offload

The ability to list and download DNS request history in file format. Logs are available.

Enhanced Reporting

Interactive reports and data visualization. Behavior, Blocked, Security and Trend Reports embedded in the WebTitan product.


DNSSEC strengthens authentication in DNS using digital signatures based on public key cryptography.

OTG Device Exceptions

A replacement for JSON Config (filters) for OTG Devices. Ease of adding exceptions to OTG devices via a simplistic user interface.

Real-Time Updates

Newly identified threats are immediately propagated to database deployments worldwide to provide maximum coverage and protection against emerging, zero-hour threats.

Product Features

Cloud or On Premises Options

WebTitan can be deployed via the Cloud or On Premises as a software or virtual appliance, find out which is best for your organisation

Comprehensive Reporting

WebTitan includes a comprehensive reporting suite giving full visibility on all web traffic into and out of the organisation

WebTitan Deployment Options

Choose an implementation method that suits your network


WebTitan Cloud is brilliantly simple, set up in minutes and is easy to use. It provides the best content filtering and malware protection for your company and staff when online.

Product Details


The Purpose built multi-tenant web content filtering and protection solution for Wifi Providers and MSP’s

Product Details

100% of Million most visited websites

6 billion pages on 500 million websites categorized into 53 easy categories.


No bypassing the filters due to untranslated banned content. Over 200 languages filtered on the fly.

53 obvious categories

Simple to configure and manage. Click categories on or off, to allow or block access. Easy!


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