SpamTitan Feature Tips – Logging, ISO Installation

  • Logging (what is logging as lead in) In Reporting > History > Settings, you can turn on logging for:
    • Log Invalid Recipients:
    • Log RBL Rejects:
    • Log HELO Rejects:
    • Log SPF Rejects:
    • Log Relay Denied:
    • Log Sender Rejects:
    • Log Relay Denied Attempts:

However, this can cause the database to slow down immensely and should only be enabled for very short periods only. For instance, if you are getting flooded with messages directed to Invalid Recipients, you may consider not logging these to the database so that database performance is not hindered, and that the database is not filled up with these message types. READ MORE
Note: These events will still be logged in the mail log and will also be counted when calculating the overall statistics.

  • ISO installation

Please note that we now recommend that when installing SpamTitan from the ISO we have 2 partitions only i.e.
Swap = 2 * Physical memory
File System mounted on / = remainder of the disk.

The administration guide has been updated to reflect this change this will hopefully reduce the instances of disk full problems due to bad partitioning.