SpamTitan Feature Tips – Alias Feature, Generating a Quarantine Report

Alias Feature

The current version of SpamTitan uses aliases which allows quarantine reports for a primary email address and its aliases to be consolidated into one. The aliases feature in SpamTitan works with Active Directory (AD) – see Quarantine > Alias tab.
You can import the aliases you have set up in AD so that reports for a primary email address and its aliases are consolidated into one. Also if using aliases, a user will see all of their mail in quarantine (for their primary and secondary addresses) if they log in to the UI as the primary email address. Therefore the customer would only need to configure the authentication method for their primary email address/domain.
In AD, the ‘mail’ attribute will be considered the primary email address and the associated ‘proxy Addresses’ the secondary email addresses or aliases.

Auto generating a quarantine report

SpamTitan quarantine reports can be set to go to end users on a daily basis. Quarantine report arent set to go more frequently than this as the report generation is process intensive for users and also more than daily would be considered a form of spam in itself.
However some users do want to receive reports more frequently and SpamTitan now allows  users to do this via the ‘Request  On-Demand reports’ tool. This tool allows users to auto generate a user quarantine report as they require it. If you enable this, once a user receives a report they can click a link on the report to request a new report at any time.
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