Barracuda Essentials Pricing

Barracuda Essentials is a cloud-based email security solution that protects against common email threats, ensures email continuity, and provides data leak protection and email archiving capabilities. The solution is popular with businesses, but one of the main criticisms of the solution is Barracuda Essentials pricing. Many businesses discover it is possible to get all the features of the solution and better performance at a reduced cost by switching email security vendors.

Barracuda Essentials Pricing Policy

Like many email security solutions, Barracuda Essentials operates a tiered pricing policy. Customers are offered a choice of product tiers, with the lowest tier providing protection against all email threats and the premium tiers adding additional email security features such as cloud archiving.

A business with 250 employees looking for an email security solution that protects against malicious links and attachments, that has data loss protection capabilities, anti-phishing and anti-email impersonation protections, automatic remediation of threats, and account takeover protection, can expect to pay a cost of $2.66 per user per month or an annual cost of $7,980 for the solution.

The cost can be justified as $7,980 is far less than the cost of dealing with the cyberattacks that would occur were the solution not used; however, it is possible to get the same features and great email threat protection at a much lower price if you choose an alternative email security vendor, and SpamTitan Cloud is the leading Barracuda Essentials alternative.

SpamTitan Cloud Pricing

SpamTitan Cloud from TitanHQ has a much simpler pricing policy. Rather than providing basic and advanced protection in different product tiers, customers pay for the full-featured solution, with no added extras. Those features are provided regardless of the number of users that need to be protected. If you compare SpamTitan vs Barracuda Essentials pricing, you can get an equivalent level of protection and features, but you will pay $1.08 per user per month, or $3,225 per year. That is a saving of $4,755 per year.

With such a difference between Barracuda Essentials pricing and SpamTitan Cloud, it should come as no surprise to hear that many businesses have now made the switch.

SpamTitan Vs. Barracuda Essentials

There are many factors that should be considered when assessing email security solutions other than price, so how do Barracuda Essentials and SpamTitan Cloud compare?

When it comes to spam filtering, both solutions include phishing prevention, malware blocking, link scanning, outbound email filtering, and advanced threat protection. The tiered pricing system means that in order to get advanced features – which are included with SpamTitan Cloud – Barracuda customers must pay for the Sentinel package. With that package, customers get AI-driven protection against spear phishing and email impersonation attacks, and email authentication with DMARC. Those features are included with SpamTitan Cloud.

SpamTitan Cloud provides recipient verification, advanced machine learning, quarantining, spoofing protection, phishing detection, attachment filtering, data loss prevention, geo-blocking, DMARC, sandboxing, and real-time analysis, and all for a very low price.

User Ratings on G2 Crowd

The business software review platform on G2 is used by IT decision-makers to research products and discover the experiences of verified users of software solutions. Those reviews are combined to provide an overall score for each solution to help with the decision-making process. This is especially useful for a Barracuda Essentials and SpamTitan Cloud comparison, where the features provided are very similar. On the platform, SpamTitan is rated higher in 7 out of the 8 performance categories and achieves an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, compared to 4 out of 5 for Barracuda. Those ratings are based on 183 reviews for SpamTitan and 68 reviews for Barracuda.

SpamTitan Barracuda
Meets Requirements 9.3 8.5
Ease of Use 9.1 8.7
Ease of Setup 9.0 8.6
Ease of Admin 8.9 8.8
Quality of Support 9.2 8.6
Ease of Doing Business With 9.3 8.7
Product Direction (% Positive) 8.3 8.1

The main reasons why businesses and managed service providers switch from Barracuda Essentials to SpamTitan Cloud is Barracuda Essentials pricing, the better quality of support with SpamTitan, to get AI-based threat detection capabilities without paying extra, and a more extensive threat intelligence database, which with SpamTitan includes data from 650 million users worldwide.

If you are currently a Barracuda Essentials customer and are looking to improve performance, get more features, and lower the cost of email protection, contact TitanHQ for further information. You can also take advantage of the free trial of SpamTitan Cloud to see for yourself how it compares to Barracuda Essentials.