WebTitan means reduced costs and greater flexibility for The Kulungile Metals Group!

Established in 2001, Kulungile Metals Group is a dynamic, world class stockist and distributor of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Kulungile provides service excellence through a customer driven, market focused network of branches.

Moving to WebTitan has saved us 50% in license fees. Our business was delighted about the saving, and as an Administrator I am enjoying the fexibility, scalability and stability

Louis Coetzee

IT Director

The Challenge facing the Kulungile Metals Group

  • As a growing company operating in a increasingly challenging environment, Kulungile saw the potential to make significant savings by moving to a less expensive Web filtering solution.
  • While researching replacements, IT Manager Louis Coetzee has 3 key requirements. The new solution: (1) had to be considerably less expensive. (2) have all the functionality of the existing solution. (3) had to provide flexibility in terms of its deployment and usage.
  • Kulungile employs over 5000 people and a large proportion of these are office based.   According to Louis Coetzee ‘we initially decided to introduce Web filtering as we noticed a large percentage of employees were visiting social networking sites quite frequently.
  • Kulungile was concerned with the damage to productivity levels and also concerned that this activity was compromising our security and introducing viruses, phishing attacks, and malware to the network. .
  • “We were a Websense customer and replaced WebSense with WebTitan.  Our previous solution was very expensive and required expensive hardware to run. I believe that we added enormous value to our organization by moving to WebTitan” Louis Coetzee

The Solution

  • Kulungile Metals were looking for a solution that made economic sense, having done an extensive market analysis and spoken to several other vendors Coetzee decided on WebTitan as the replacement solution of choice.
  • According to Coetzee ‘ Moving to WebTitan has saved us 50% in license fees. Our business was delighted about the saving, and as an Administrator I am enjoying the  flexibility, scalability and stability.
  • ‘The additional virus protection built into WebTitan is a great feature not available in competitor products. The native LDAP support is great and we can integrate with Active Directory.’
  • ‘System and product updates are included in the price as is full technical support which is an excellent benefit for us. To know that there will be no extra costs incurred during the life of the license means that we can maintain budgetary control’
  • With WebTitan Kulungile have been able to apply flexible yet appropriate internet usage policies, the functionality in WebTitan has allowed them to offer internet access to certain sites at certain times during the day. The administrator is now able to manage policy settings quickly and simply, reducing the IT departments workload.

The Results from Switching to WebTitan

WebTitan allowed Kulungile to ensure that inappropriate Web sites such as those with gambling, or offensive material can not be accessed in the workplace. ‘The solution allows us to save money, protect our network and apply flexible and appropriate Web usage policies’ says Alex Coetzee

Key Requirements Met by WebTitan

WebTitan met key requirements by being considerably less expensive, having the functionality of the existing solution, and flexible deployment options.

People Employed by The Kulungile Group

The Kulungile Metals Group staff now enjoy safe Web browsing, free from malware, viruses and other online dangers.

Percent Saved in the Cost of Licenses

The Kulungile Metal Group have saved 50% on the cost of license fees since moving to WebTitan.