Credit Union immediately impressed with SpamTitans blocking abilities

As a non-profit credit union Kennedy did not have the resources to spend on a massive IT-infrastructure and were forced to find lower cost alternatives, to protect them from spam mails, viruses and other similar threats

Implementing SpamTitan has meant that employees no longer have to sort through a bunch of spam emails every day and can work much more effectively and productively.

Joel Radon

Network Administrator

The Challenge

  • KSCF credit union is a high profile financial institution and therefore highly visible to both the public and spammers.
  • With a computer network supporting 200 email users who were sending over 100,000 messages each month Kennedy Space Center needed an anti spam solution they could depend on. Having a small IT-department makes them an easy target for spammers and phishers.
  • Although budget was limited safeguarding customer information was the top priority and couldn’t be compromised.
  • Spam affects businesses in several ways, as well as having the ability to hurt the reputation of your business you certainly do not want customers receiving junk or malware emails with your company’s name in the sender’s address bar.
  • Spoofing email is very common and easy to do as it exploits a level of trust that the basic email protocols use.
  • It is important for businesses to put safeguards in place, that’s exactly what Kennedy Space Center Credit union did when they implemented SpamTitan.
  • The dangers of phishing attacks in the financial sector are widespread.  Financial organizations represent  over 20% of phishing targets each year.
  • As a non-profit organisation Kennedy did not have a large IT budget to spend on security or IT infrastructure. They therefore faced the  dilemma of needing a low cost solution that also provided top class security

The Solution

  • Although budget was an issue, safeguarding this information is a number 1 priority and cannot be compromised. The dilemma therefore existed to find a low cost solution that doesn’t compromise on security.
  • Needed advanced technology in filtering spam.
  • Double Antivirus protection – Bitdefender and Clam AV.
  • ‘SpamTitan is pretty hands off which is great. I only maybe spend about one hour a week working with it.’
  • ‘The most  important benefit has been the accurate and powerful spam blocking and also the hands off maintenance’
  • Ease of Setup Installation was super easy with a VM appliance installation
  • There are so many features included with SpamTitan I still haven’t had a chance to use them all, most significantly for us is the basic yet hugely important powerful spam blocking and virus scanning
  • I had SpamTitan up, running, and configured in about 30 minutes’ said Joel.
  • Extensive & customisable reports were a must have and we got that with SpamTitan.
  • SpamTitan proactively protects the bank against inbound and outbound email threats such as spam, phishing and malware.

The Results

Kennedy Space Center Credit Union were immediately impressed with SpamTitans blocking abilities. With 1/5 of phishing attacks targeting financial organisations, SpamTitan saved this financial institution time and money as well as safeguarding its confidential customer information.

Immediate drop in spam

Right away after implementing SpamTitan ‘we saw a drop in Spam email of about

Huge time saving

Before SpamTitan every employee spent between 15 – 30 minutes every day deleting spam mail from their inbox, not any more.

Zero issues - it was all so easy!

“We have not had to use the support service, we have had NO issues, now that’s impressive!”