Around 40% of businesses use Office 365 for email, which includes Exchange Online Protection (EOP) with standard licenses for blocking spam and other email threats. While EOP will block a substantial amount of unwanted spam emails and malicious emails, the level of protection provided falls well below what many businesses need as too many threats pass through undetected.

Businesses can opt for a more expensive Business Premium license to improve Microsoft’s spam filter for Office 365, as this license includes Defender for Office 365. Alternatively, businesses can pay for Defender as an add-on. While Defender improves the phishing detection rate, this security feature only adds a little extra protection to EOP, and many malicious emails still go undetected. The E5 license provides the greatest amount of protection but it is prohibitively expensive for many businesses, and even this license does not give you cutting-edge protection.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve Office 365 email filtering that will provide you with excellent protection against phishing, malware, spam, and other email threats without having to cover the cost of expensive licenses and add-ons. That solution is to use a third-party email security solution that augments the spam filter for Office 365 regardless of the license you have. Many businesses prefer to use a third-party solution rather than placing all of their trust in Microsoft – a company that has recently struggled with preventing hackers from compromising its own systems.

SpamTitan from TitanHQ is a cloud-based email security solution that integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to greatly increase protection against email threats such as phishing, business email compromise, malware, and data theft by insiders, and is easy to set up, configure, and manage.

There are several features of SpamTitan that are lacking in Microsoft’s security solutions. In addition to performing reputation checks and blocking known malicious email addresses and domains, SpamTitan uses predictive techniques for detecting spam and phishing emails, such as Bayesian analysis, machine learning, and heuristics. These features allow SpamTitan to detect and block zero-day phishing threats and business email compromise, which Microsoft struggles to detect and block.

SpamTitan performs extensive checks of embedded hyperlinks to combat phishing, including checks of Shortened URLs.  Office 365 malware detection is greatly improved with dual antivirus engines for detecting known malware and email sandboxing. The sandboxing feature includes machine learning and behavioral analysis for the safe detonation of files in an isolated environment, and message sandboxing is vital for detecting and blocking the zero-day malware threats that EOP and Defender miss.

SpamTitan cloud-based email filtering is also an ideal choice for Managed Services Providers looking to provide their customers with more advanced email security, especially for small- and medium-sized clients unwilling to pay for E5 licenses. SpamTitan has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and manage email security with minimal management overhead.

TitanHQ can also MSPs additional protection against phishing with TitanHQ’s new anti-phishing solution, PhishTitan. PhishTitan uses a large language model (LLM) and AI to analyze emails to identify phishing attempts. The solution incorporates multiple curated feeds to detect malicious URLs linked in phishing emails, adds banners to emails from external sources to warn end users about potential threats, and adds post-delivery remediation across multiple tenants allowing phishing emails to be instantly removed from the email system with a single click.

The best way to find out more about the full capabilities of SpamTitan and PhishTitan and how they work is to call the TitanHQ team. A product demonstration can be arranged and you can take advantage of a free trial to see for yourself the difference these solutions make and how they can significantly improve threat detection with Office 365.