Alarmingly, 71% of Microsoft business users report that they suffer at least one compromised account each month. The biggest cause of account compromises is phishing. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of making contact with an individual and tricking them into taking an action that the attacker wants, which is usually to disclose their credentials to allow an attacker to remotely access their account. Phishing attacks usually involve impersonation, where the attacker claims they are an authority figure, such as the CEO of the company, a friend or colleague, or a representative of a reputable company.

The capturing of credentials usually occurs on a website with initial contact with the individual usually occurring via email, although phishing attacks are also conducted via SMS messages (smishing), telephone (vishing), social media networks, and instant messaging services.

Phishing targets members of the workforce, including employees and board members, and it is the responsibility of security teams and managed service providers to block as many phishing attempts as possible and ensure that if phishing attempts do bypass defenses, end users have been trained to recognize phishing attempts and report them. Security teams naturally concentrate on the former, as phishing will only succeed if an attacker can make contact. The problem is that cybercriminals are developing highly sophisticated phishing campaigns that are difficult for traditional email security solutions to identify and block.

Cybercriminals target Microsoft 365 credentials as they provide access to a wealth of sensitive data and to email accounts which can be used to conduct further phishing attacks internally and on the company’s customers and vendors. Once credentials have been obtained, they can be used for a much more extensive attack on a company. TitanHQ has received feedback from its managed service provider (MSP) customers that Microsoft 365 phishing is the number one problem to solve in the email security community.

TitanHQ already has products that can protect against phishing. There is the SpamTitan suite of products for email security, WebTitan for protecting against web-based attacks, including blocking access to the websites where credentials are obtained, and the SafeTitan security awareness and phishing simulation platform for educating the workforce on cybersecurity threats and testing resilience through simulated phishing emails.

What was needed, however, was a new solution that is specifically focused on phishing. “We therefore allocated resources and investment to develop a solution with new, cutting-edge, robust, fast phishing threat intelligence driven by a team of security specialists,” said TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh. “We are pleased to be able to meet the market’s needs with a product that delivers.”

PhishTitan has been developed to help MSPs and businesses improve their phishing defenses for Microsoft 365, as Microsoft’s defensive measures – EOP and Defender – are failing to identify and block many phishing attempts. PhishTitan is a next-generation phishing protection and remediation solution for Microsoft 365, which integrates TitanHQ’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm directly with Microsoft 365 to augment EOP and Defender and catch and remediate the sophisticated phishing attacks that EOP and Defender miss.

PhishTitan has been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and allow them to block more phishing attempts on their clients and remediate phishing attempts rapidly, without having to commit extensive resources to managing email security for each client.

PhishTitan is functionally rich, offering multiple integration options, and has granular policy controls, a full reporting suite, and provides comprehensive protection. Businesses can set up the solution themselves in around 10 minutes, and MSPs can add new clients in just 6 minutes.

PhishTitan Features

  • AI-driven solution that is capable of identifying and blocking zero-day threats
  • Scans and blocks malicious links
  • Scans and neutralizes malware
  • Detects unique and sophisticated phishing and BEC attacks over and above those detected by EOP and Defender
  • Rewrites URLs and applies banner notifications
  • Time of click protection to combat links that are weaponized after delivery
  • Protection against data leakage of sensitive company information
  • Instant remediation across an entire tenant
  • Real-time visibility and reporting suite on emerging threats
  • Phishing intelligence data that is unmatched in visibility, coverage, and accuracy.

If you are struggling to block phishing attacks on your M365 accounts or are a managed service provider who wants to improve phishing protection for your customers, give the TitanHQ team a call to find out more about how PhishTitan works and how it can improve your defenses against phishing. Product demonstrations can be arranged on request and PhishTitan is available on a free trial.