One of the fastest areas of growth for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is managed security services. The number of cyberattacks on businesses continues to increase and there is a major shortage of skilled cybersecurity staff. Further, the cost of hiring new talent can be prohibitively expensive for many small- and medium-sized businesses, who are turning to their MSPs to provide those services. Many MSPs have developed a technology stack to meet the demand and are offering managed security services such as identity protection and access management, endpoint security, spam filtering/email security, web security, data protection, network security, and mobile security, but one area that is often lacking in managed services is security awareness training. Currently, only 60% of MSPs offer security awareness training as part of their managed security services.

Technological solutions are implemented by MSPs to protect against hackers, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, and these solutions will detect and block the majority of threats, but it is not possible to prevent employees from encountering all threats. The workforce, therefore, needs to be prepared and be taught how to recognize the signs of phishing and other types of attacks, so that when these threats are encountered, they can be identified as such and avoided.

Studies conducted on companies that have conducted benchmarking phishing tests on employees prior to commencing security awareness training have shown that susceptibility to phishing attacks can be reduced considerably. Across all industry sectors, the average click rate for phishing is 37.9%. TitanHQ’s data shows that with regular security awareness training through the SafeTitan platform, susceptibility reduces to under 3%. Such a major reduction will significantly improve an organization’s security posture, yet as important as security awareness training is, a recent survey has shown that 57% of SMBs provide no security awareness training to their workforce whatsoever.

MSPs that do not offer security awareness training are missing out on easy, regular recurring revenue, and their clients are likely to be at risk of falling victim to phishing and other attacks that target employees. It is also worth noting that 69% of SMBs say they would hold their MSP accountable for a phishing attack!

TitanHQ Launches Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation Platform for MSPs

It has been a few months now since TitanHQ launched its new security awareness training and phishing simulation platform – SafeTitan.  The initial launch was aimed at SMBs and enterprises to help them create an effective, ongoing security awareness training program for the workforce, and conduct phishing simulations to reinforce training, identify weak links, and track improvements over time.

The platform includes an extensive library of training content on a wide range of topics including security best practices, cyber hygiene, phishing, vishing, and smishing, to allow businesses to easily create training programs to match their needs and risk profiles. The training is gamified, engaging, and delivered in short (max 10-minute) modules, which makes security awareness training enjoyable, while allowing it to be easily fit into busy workflows.

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While the platform is well suited to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest of businesses to large enterprises, the platform had to be developed further to meet the needs of MSPs. To make a truly MSP-friendly solution, TitanHQ worked closely with the MSP advisory council and TitanHQ’s extensive MSP customer base to discover exactly what MSPs need to be able to start delivering security awareness training and phishing simulations as a managed service, which lead to the addition of several important new features.

TitanHQ is now happy to announce that SafeTitan for MSPs has now officially been launched. The new product incorporates an intuitive MSP dashboard, through which campaigns can be easily managed. The dashboard gives MSPs real-time live analytics and allows quick actions to be performed.

The phishing simulation platform includes more than 1.8K phishing templates, taken from real-world phishing attempts, with the campaigns easy to schedule for a group of customers, to be run at set intervals every week, month, or year. The platform allows mass training campaigns to be developed, along with mass phishing simulations. The addition of the direct email injection (Graph API) feature allows MSPs to deliver their phishing simulations directly to user inboxes, without having to spend time and effort configuring allowed lists and firewalls.

MSPs also benefit from dynamic user management, so changes can be made quickly and easily to existing campaigns if new users need to be added.  If any user fails a phishing simulation, they can be automatically enrolled in relevant training content to provide targeted training on the aspect of security relevant to the failure.

MSP clients will want to be provided with feedback on how their campaigns are progressing and the impact the training is having on phishing susceptibility, and to make this as easy as possible, the platform now includes scheduled reporting. Reports are automated and are sent to clients at regular intervals with no MSP interaction once configured.

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If you have yet to add security awareness training and phishing simulations to your managed security services, contact TitanHQ today to find out more about SafeTitan for MSPs on +1 813 519 4430 (US) or +353 91 545555 (IRL).