TitanHQ has updated its SafeTitan security awareness training platform to better meet the needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by adding a new feature – Automatic Security Campaigns. The new feature allows MSPs to create an annual set of phishing simulations for their clients to streamline security campaign planning.

All companies should be providing security awareness training to the workforce to improve awareness of the types of threats each employee is likely to face, and security awareness training programs should incorporate ongoing phishing simulations to give employees practice at identifying potential threats outside of a training setting. While the percentage of businesses providing security awareness training is increasing, many have yet to create a program, and those that have often find it is not as effective as they expected. This is an area where MSPs can help and ensure companies get the maximum return on their investment in training.

By signing up with TitanHQ, MSPs can provide security awareness training through the SafeTitan platform. SafeTitan includes an extensive library of training content that allows MSPs to create training programs to meet the needs of each company and tailor the training for different employee groups within the company to ensure it is relevant. The training content is proven to improve understanding of threats and reduce susceptibility to phishing and other social engineering attacks. Training courses can be created quickly and the provision of training automated, with employee progress tracked and client reports scheduled to keep them up to date on how training is progressing.

Conducting phishing simulations is also straightforward, but thanks to the new Automatic Security Campaigns feature, MSPs can create and run phishing simulations more efficiently, spend less time managing the campaigns, and boost the profitability of their security awareness and phishing simulation service. MSPs can use this feature to schedule phishing simulations using messages of varying types, at the desired required frequency, over the course of the year – a process that takes just a few minutes.

“By introducing automated campaign scheduling to SafeTitan, we are empowering our MSP partners to optimize their security training efforts, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional results to their clients,” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ. “This new feature aligns perfectly with our MSP First Strategy and provides innovative solutions that simplify the complexities of managing a client’s security awareness training.”