On June 7, TitanHQ, in partnership with the Oxford Cyber Academy, will be hosting a webinar to discuss employee cyber risks in growing organizations, and how to balance safety and agility.

Organizations are facing an increasing number of threats when trying to stay agile, competitive, and innovative in a digital world, and for small- and medium-sized businesses, those threats have significant potential to threaten growth. Businesses of all sizes are being targeted by cyber threat actors, and successful attacks can cause significant damage to a business’s hard-won market reputation and operations. Those threat actors target a common weak point in security defenses – employees. Digital security needs to be front and center of your continued innovation, but it can be a challenge to stay competitive whilst sustaining a cyber-savvy workforce. Help is at hand, however.

During this webinar, attendees will be provided with valuable information on the changing nature of the cyber threats facing small- and mid-sized businesses and will discover what they need to protect, what they have to lose if they fail to protect it, how to balance technology and human cyber risks, and how to improve employee security awareness and achieve measurable changes in employee behavior through easy, intuitive, personalized and targeted training that is delivered where it’s needed the most.

Join TitanHQ on June 7th where Nick Wilding, Neil Sinclair, Cyber Programme Lead, UK Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, and Richard Knowlton, Director of Security Studies at the Oxford Cyber Academy will discuss:

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