The Commercial Advantages of a Business Content Filter

Most network administrators will be aware of what a business content filter is and what it does, but – with all due respect to network administrators everywhere – how many are aware that implementing a business content filter also has commercial advantages?

Naturally many network administrators know that, by preventing network infections and ransomware attacks with a business content filter, businesses will not incur the substantial costs of recovering from a malware attack. However, other potential commercial advantages are well worth noting.

These include enhanced productivity, a reduction in HR issues, the prevention of certain types of legal action against the business, and – for business providing a publicly-accessible WiFi service, valuable insights into your guests´ browsing activities that can then be used for marketing purposes.

How a Business Content Filter Enhances Productivity

“Cyber-slacking” – employees engaging in non-work related online activities – is estimated to cost businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Although it has been acknowledged that a little “down time” is good for employees, some employees exploit their Internet privileges.

According to various studies, 70% of web traffic to online pornography sites and 60% of all online purchases occur during working hours. It has been estimated a business with 1,000 Internet users will lose more than $35 million a year in productivity if each Internet user cyber-slacked for one hour a day.

A business content filter can enhance productivity by blocking access to certain categories of website (pornography, fantasy sports sites, online gaming etc.), or by limiting the times at which employees can enjoy a little down time. The versatility of the filter means it is possible to allow your marketing department access to corporate social media accounts, while prohibiting access to other employees.

The Prevention of Legal Action against a Business

The prevention of legal action against a business is not often a consideration when evaluating business content filters, but it should be. Businesses have a duty of care to provide a safe environment in which to work, and that includes preventing racial, religious and sexual harassment.

If an employee is exposed to online material abusive to their race, creed or sex – they report the harassment, nothing is done to prevent the exposure, and the employee subsequently leaves – it is possible for the employee to bring legal action against the business for constructive dismissal.

Another possible scenario in which a business could be subject to legal action is if employees are using the Internet to download copyrighted material from P2P file sharing sites. Even if the business is unaware of the practice, it will be the business´s IP address that is identified as conducting illegal activity, and the business that could be prosecuted for copyright infringement.

Gaining Insights into Guests´ Browsing Activities

Business content filters have extensive reporting capabilities. This are mostly used in an office environment to conduct risk assessments, identify attempts to bypass the filtering parameters and record the number of times a request to visit a website is denied due to online threats.

However, a business that provides a publicly-accessible WiFi service can use this information for marketing purposes. By analyzing network usage and web traffic, businesses can identify the subjects that interest their guest users the most, and create marketing campaigns that appeal to them.

Now, not only is the bar, restaurant, hotel or other commercial establishment providing a family-friendly browsing environment in which minors are not exposed to inappropriate material, but it is hosting events that appeal to its guest users. Most businesses would consider this a dual commercial advantage, and one (or two) not to be overlooked.

Business Content Filters from SpamTitan

SpamTitan is a leading provider of online security tools and for almost two decades we have been listening to our clients and developing our products based on their feedback. Not only have we developed our WebTitan-branded business content filters to better help businesses protect their networks, but our filters are also capable of delivering the commercial advantages mentioned above.

There are two WebTitan-branded business content filters from which to choose:

  • WebTitan Cloud is a business content filter that delivers a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency. Implemented with a change to the business´s DNS server settings, WebTitan Cloud can be up and running within 20 minutes.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been specifically designed to protect wireless networks and the devices that connect to them. Suitable for business with a BYOD policy, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can protect individual routers or nationwide networks of WiFi hotspots.

If you are interested in improving your business´s online security, enhancing productivity, mitigating the risk of legal action or finding a new marketing angle, speak with us about taking a free trial of the most suitable WebTitan business content filter for you needs. Our team of Sales Technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have about the commercial advantages of a business content filter and guide you through the registration process to start your free trial today.