Cloud Based Internet Filtering

Cloud based Internet filtering from SpamTitan takes advantage of cloud technology to provide the simplest way of protecting networks from web-borne threats and controlling user access to the Internet. Quick to deploy by redirecting your DNS settings to our servers, our cloud based Internet filter with automatic network configuration can be up and running in less than fifteen minutes.

Once live, our cloud based Internet filter can be integrated with LDAP or Active Directory to accelerate the creation and application of user policies. Alternatively, policies can be created and applied manually via a web-based management portal. Thereafter, all the cloud based Internet filtering functions are updated automatically – releasing IT resources to concentrate on other important issues.

The Advantages of Cloud Based Internet Filtering

In addition to being quick to deploy and having a minimal maintenance overhead, cloud based Internet filtering has no upfront costs and is universally compatible with all operating systems. IT managers do not have to be concerned about the costs of hardware solutions or whether software solutions will work with all the devices connected to the network.

Furthermore, cloud based Internet filtering is infinitely scalable. This means that, no matter how much a network expands, a cloud based Internet filter will be able to cope with the volume of users connected to the network. As our cloud based Internet filtering solution expands dynamically, there are no concerns about investing in further hardware solutions or expanding capacity for software solutions.

How our Cloud Based Internet Filter Works

SpamTitan´s cloud based Internet filter protects networks from web-borne threats by preventing users from visiting websites known to harbor malware, those likely to be a launchpad for a phishing attack, or those considered to have a high risk factor. Its three-tiered filtering mechanism can be configured by individual user, user group or organization-wide to control user access to the Internet.

  • URIBL and SURBL filters compare every request to visit a website against blacklists of IP addresses from which malware downloads, phishing attacks or spam emails are known to have originated. If a match is found, the request to visit the website is denied. Blacklists are automatically updated as new web-borne threats are identified.
  • Category filters block requests to visit websites in specific categories. Network administrators can select to block access to websites with the highest risk factors (surprisingly pharmaceutical and travel websites), those likely to affect workplace productivity (gaming, shopping and social networking) or those likely to cause offence to users (adult content, hate and racism).
  • Keyword filters can be used to block access to websites containing specific words, specific apps or specific file extensions. Used together with whitelists to allow access to specific websites, apps and file types, keyword filters give our cloud based Internet filtering solution a high degree of granularity in order to control user access to the Internet without obstructing workflows.

What Whitelists and Cloud Keys Do

Whitelists are lists of allowable websites, apps and file types might otherwise be blocked by the filtering mechanism. Like category and keyword filters, whitelists can be applied by individual user, user group or organization-wide to allow selected access to – for example – social networking sites in the event that a business´s marketing department engaged in social media marketing.

Cloud keys override all the filter´s parameters. In a business environment a cloud key would not be necessary, as cloud based Internet filtering parameters can be set by time in addition to user policies. In a library or similar environment, cloud keys can enable the library to comply with state and federal laws intended to protect children from harmful content while still providing an unfiltered service for adults.

WebTitan from SpamTitan for Wired and Wireless Networks

Despite the advantages of cloud based Internet filtering, and regardless of how granular a cloud based Internet filter is, Internet filters can only be truly effective if they are easy to use. With all Internet filters the risk exists that – if they are too complicated to configure accurately – their parameters will be set too stringently, and access to critical websites, apps and file types will be blocked.

If the filtering parameters are subsequently relaxed to allow access to critical websites, app and file types – and the filter remains too complicated to configure accurately – the possibility exists that gaps in online defenses could appear that would provide gateways for cybercriminals and access to productivity-sapping online activities for “cyber-slackers”.

For this reason, we have listened to the feedback from our existing clients and developed our cloud based Internet filtering solutions – WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – to be uncomplicated as possible. The management portal through which user policies are created and filtering parameters applied has an intuitive interface that all network administrators will be able to easily understand.

The portal is web-based and is capable of managing multiple locations. Real-time viewing of network web activity is supported by a full suite of reporting options that provides details of historical web activity by user, category or time. This depth of information helps identify trends to further mitigate web-borne threats and prevent user abuse of the network.

Try WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi for Free

If you would like to know more about cloud based Internet filtering and the benefits it could have for your organization, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of friendly Sales Technicians will discuss your requirements with you and answer any questions you have before offering you a free trial of WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, depending on whether you have a wired or wireless network.

Our free trial offer gives you the opportunity to try cloud based Internet filtering in your own environment and assess its simplicity, granularity and ease of use. You will be able to set the filtering parameters and optimize its settings to your own specification in order provide the best possible filtering service for your specific circumstances.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, there is no obligation on you to continue with our service at the end of the free trial. There are no contracts to sign nor credit cards required; and, if you decide cloud based Internet filtering is the best way for you to protect your networks from web-borne threats and control user access to the Internet, we offer a competition range of subscription packages from which to choose.