Cloud Based Web Filtering for Business

In much the same way as businesses benefit from cloud technology for compute resources, cloud based web filtering for business provides an easy-to-manage filtering solution without an upfront cost or high maintenance overhead. Effectively, cloud based web filtering for business performs exactly the same role as hardware and software filtering solutions, only using fewer resources.

Like the alternative deployment options, cloud based web filtering for business uses a three-tier mechanism to block access to websites that represent a threat to the security of the network or contravene user policies. Similarly, users have a whitelist feature to allow access to essential websites that might be blocked by the category or keyword filters.

The solutions have a high degree of granularity, so network administrators can create and apply user policies by individual user, user groups or business-wide and carefully control access to the internet. They can apply restrictions to conserve bandwidth use, block or allow access to specific web applications, and regulate employee Internet access by time, category or keyword – ensuring the network is protected against web-based threats without obstructing workflows.

The Indirect Advantages can be Substantial

The indirect advantages of cloud based web filtering for business is that the same filtering mechanisms used to protect networks against web-based threats can be used to enhance productivity and block access to inappropriate or illegal content. Administrators can prevent employees accessing social media, shopping and gaming websites that may be used to engage in cyber-slacking.

Online content that may cause offence within a business can be blocked to create a more pleasant working environment, and access to P2P file sharing sites can also be barred to prevent employees downloading copyrighted material illegally. All web activity on the network can be monitored in real time, or network administrators can schedule reports to identify web access attempts that breach acceptable use policies.

Furthermore, as cloud based web filtering for business has practically no maintenance overhead, IT departments do not have to dedicate resources for tasks such as resolving hardware issues or performing software updates, and can instead focus on more business-critical matters. Overall, the indirect advantages of cloud based web filtering for business can be substantial.

SpamTitanĀ“s Cloud Based Web Filtering for Business

SpamTitan is one of a group of companies that has been developing online security products for almost twenty years. We provide robust and effective security tools in 129 countries to protect tens of thousands of users from web-based threats, and offer businesses a choice of cloud-based web filtering solutions – WebTitan Cloud for businesses with fixed networks and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi for businesses with wireless networks and those that have a BYOD policy.

Both solutions can be deployed and configured in minutes and are easy to manage via a secure web-based portal that is accessible from any Internet-connected device. Both solutions provide an unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy and flexibility, and offer real-time categorization of over 500 million websites - including 100% of the Alexa one million most visited websites - in two hundred languages.

WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi share identical features:

  • Compatible with every operating system, with central control of multiple routers.
  • No restrictions on the number of users that can connect to the network.
  • Customizable reports on network usage and Internet traffic.
  • No latency or bandwidth restrictions.
  • Supports SSL inspection to filter encrypted websites.
  • Includes malicious URL detection, phishing protection and antivirus protection.
  • DNS proxy allows integration with LDAP and Active Directory.

Try Cloud Based Web Filtering for Business for Free

If you have not yet experienced the benefits of cloud based web filtering for business, we invite you to get in touch and discuss your web filtering requirements. We will determine the most suitable solution for your situation and offer you a thirty day free trial of our easy-to-use and versatile solutions - without any obligation on you to continue using our service once the free trial has ended.

There are no credit cards required to take advantage of our offer and no contracts to sign. Deployment takes just a few minutes and involves redirecting your DNS to our servers. Thereafter, you will be able to evaluate the merits of cloud based web filtering in your own environment and find the optimal settings to protect your network against threats without obstructing workflows.

To find out more about cloud based web filtering for business, or to start your free trial of WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, contact us today. Our team of Sales Technicians will be happy to answers any questions you have and guide you through the registration process to start your free trial. Within minutes, you could be protecting your network, enhancing productivity and creating a better workplace environment.