Cloud-Based Web Filtering

Cloud-based web filtering is an ideal solution for businesses who do not want the expense and hassle of hardware- or software-based web filtering solutions. The simple to deploy solutions for filtering the web are quick and easy to set up with a redirection of the business´s DNS settings and, in auto-configuration mode, businesses can start filtering the web within minutes.

For larger organizations, who need their solutions for filtering the web to have more flexibility, roles and access levels can be created thanks to LDAP/Active Directory integration. Alternatively, new structures can be created for policy, reporting and management and, thereafter, web and application access can be applied by user or user group.

Typically, cloud-based web filtering has no upfront costs and a low management overhead, as software updates are performed automatically by the service provider. Cloud-based filtering is as effective as hardware- and software-based solutions for filtering the web and protecting your network, users, business and your brand against web-based threats.

Cloud-Based Web Filtering with SSL Inspection

SSL inspection is the process whereby solutions for filtering the web decrypt, read and then re-encrypt the content of “secure” websites – those starting with an https:// prefix. Cloud-based web filtering without SSL inspection – indeed, all solutions for filtering the web without SSL inspection – cannot read encrypted content, so therefore cannot assess whether those sites are malicious and will therefore not block attempts to access those sites.

Unfortunately, an SSL certificate or https:// prefix is no longer a guarantee that a website is secure. In 2014, Google announced it would elevate websites with SSL certificates in search engine results pages. Google´s announcement resulted in SSL certification authorities partnering up with web performance companies to offer Domain Validation SSL certificates for free.

The consequence of this is that anybody can obtain an SSL certificate. Cybercriminals can set up phishing content on web pages that start with HTTPS and can use those “secure” websites for distributing malware. As more companies have made the switch from HTTP to HTTPS, so have cybercriminals. Well over half of the most-commonly visited web sites in the world are encrypted and more than half of malicious websites similarly start with HTTPS.

Flexibility Can Help Resolve Latency Issues

Implementing a cloud-based web filtering solution with SSL inspection can have drawbacks for larger businesses. Although solutions for filtering the web with SSL inspection decrypt, read and the re-encrypt the content of “secure” websites very quickly, there can be latency issues when you have thousands of users attempting to access the Internet at the same time.

The way to resolve these issues is by taking advantage of the flexibility of cloud-based web filtering solutions to “whitelist” websites or Certification Authorities known to be safe. These will likely be the websites most used by the business. Once the whitelist has been created, the SSL inspection feature will only check encrypted websites not included on the list – practically eliminating the latency issues.

The flexibility of cloud-based web filtering can be beneficial in many different ways. If, for example, your marketing department uses Facebook, but you want to block access to Facebook for the rest of your employees, this can be achieved by setting up a different role structure for your marketing department, or adding an exemption for selected individuals. It is also possible to block access to Facebook messenger, but allow access to the Facebook website.

WebTitan: Cloud-Based Solutions for Filtering the Web and Blocking Threats

There is a choice of two WebTitan cloud-based web filtering solutions: WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. Both solutions are effective defenses against web-based threats, and both have SSL inspection with a whitelist functionality to prevent latency issues. Both solutions are compatible with all operating systems, are highly scalable and have a high degree of granularity for maximum flexibility.

Our cloud-based web filtering solutions are easy to use and are managed from a web-based portal accessible from any Internet-enabled device. The management portal has an intuitive interface that even administrators with limited experience will find easy to understand.

If you would like to find out more about our cloud-based solutions for filtering the web, you are invited to contact us and request a free trial of WebTitan Cloud or WebTitan Cloud for WiFi depending on whether your business operates a fixed or wireless network. Our team of Sales Technicians will also be able to answer any questions you have about cloud-based web filtering.

Over the course of the fourteen day free trial, you will have the opportunity to determine the optimal filter settings for your business and evaluate the merits of WebTitan in your own environment. There are no contracts to sign nor credit cards required in order to take advantage of this opportunity; and, at the end of the free trial, we offer a range of competitive pricing plans.