Cloud Filtering Software

If you are looking for the most practical and cost effective way of filtering the Internet and protecting your network from malware, cloud filtering software is likely to be the best option.

Cloud filtering software requires no additional hardware purchases, no software downloads, and no on site IT support to install, configure, and maintain the solution. A quick and simple change to DNS settings is all that is required to start filtering website content, while acceptable Internet usage policies can be quickly and easily configured via a web-based administration panel. With cloud filtering software, filtering the Internet could not be any easier.

How Cloud Filtering Software Can Protect your Organization

Internet filtering is now a requirement in many highly regulated industries. Schools, libraries, and other educational establishments must filter Internet content to prevent potentially harmful website content from being accessed by minors. Since the introduction of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in December 2000, all K-12 schools and libraries must use cloud filtering software – or an equivalent web filtering solution – in order to qualify for federal funding.

Organizations in the healthcare industry must implement technical controls to safeguard the Protected Health Information (PHI) of patients to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). By blocking phishing websites and preventing malware downloads, cloud filtering software is an important element of HIPAA compliance. Web filtering solutions make it much harder for hackers and other criminals to gain access to healthcare networks and the sensitive data they contain.

Phishing is commonly used as a way of obtaining login credentials and fooling end users into installing ransomware and malware. Cloud-based web filtering software can be used to prevent phishing websites from being accessed. Websites known to host exploit kits or malware can be easily blocked, reducing the risk of malware, adware, spyware, and ransomware downloads.

Even if organizations not required to filter the Internet under existing legislation, protecting networks from malware is becoming increasingly important. Over 1 million new malware samples are now being released every day and ransomware attacks are now commonplace. Organizations that do not filter the Internet make it much easier for cybercriminals to gain access to their networks, customer data, and intellectual property.

How Much Does Cloud-Based Web Filtering Software Cost?

Cloud-based web filtering software pricing tends to follow a license-based model. Pricing is usually based on either the number of end users that require access to the Internet or the number of TCP/IP Internet connections that are required. Some solutions place limits on bandwidth, so this should be borne in mind when choosing a cloud-based Internet filter.

Cloud-based Internet filters are cheaper to implement than appliance-based web filtering solutions, which require the purchase of computer hardware. With hardware appliances, an organization will need to ensure an appliance is purchased that has sufficient capacity. An organization employing 250 individuals is likely to have to purchase an appliance with capacity for 500 or 1000 users. With cloud filtering software, the solutions are scalable to reduce wastage.

The cost of cloud-based web filtering software varies considerably from provider to provider, although organizations should typically expect to pay little more than $15 per user, per year. Organizations with more end users will pay a lower cost per user. If a contract is taken out over more than a year it is possible to reduce the cost per user further still. By taking advantage of a free trial, organizations can also get a month’s worth of content filtering for free while evaluating the software.

To make content filtering more affordable, it may be possible to pay for subscriptions over the course of the contract term. Some providers allow monthly billing for cloud-based web filtering software to make content filtering more affordable.

WebTitan Cloud – Content Filtering Made Simple

WebTitan Cloud is a 100% cloud-based web filtering software solution that is quick to implement and easy to maintain. WebTitan Cloud and can be used to protect wired and wireless networks from online threats and easily enforce acceptable use policies for users on and off the network. Now that more employers are embracing remote working, it is important that those employees are protected no matter where they choose to access the internet.

Key Benefits of WebTitan Cloud

  • No software downloads required
  • Web-based administration panel makes it easy to apply web filter settings
  • Granular settings ensure maximum control over the website content that can be accessed by end users
  • No technical skill is required to install the filter and apply web filtering settings
  • There are no restrictions on bandwidth, locations, or number of routers
  • Includes a suite of pre-configured and customizable usage reports
  • WebTitan Cloud is suitable for use with dynamic and static IP addresses
  • Offers protection for all devices
  • No latency – Internet speed is unaffected
  • Option of monthly billing
  • Discounts on contracts of 2 and 3 years
  • White-label options for MSPs and resellers
  • Choice of hosting – Within your infrastructure, in a private cloud, or on WebTitan’s servers
  • TitanHQ has industry-leading customer service and provides excellent after sales support

To find out more about WebTitan Cloud and how the cloud filtering software can benefit your organization, contact our sales team today.