Company Web Filter

Every company web filter is 100% effective at preventing online threats. You simply apply the maximum possible filter settings and prevent employees accessing any Internet content at all. No Internet content = no risk. However, as soon as you relax the settings, how effective the company web filter remains depends on the granularity of the settings and how easy it is to apply them.

If solutions for filtering company web access lack granularity, or the settings are too complicated to configure, the likelihood is system administrators will err on the side of caution and apply the filter settings too rigorously – negatively impacting workflows due to employees being unable to perform certain business-critical, web-based activities.

If solutions for filtering company web access are relaxed too much, gateways may be left open for cybercriminals to deliver their malicious payloads, or for cyber-slackers to take advantage of gaps in user policies – again negatively impacting workflows. Then, of course, there is the issue of how the company web filters deals with SSL encryption.

Why SSL Encryption Affects Network Performance

SSL encryption is a necessary feature of every company web filter. With more than half of the world´s most popular web pages now encrypted, any solutions for filtering company web access that lack SSL encryption will be unable to read the content of encrypted web pages that could harbor malware or contain online material in breach of user policies.

The problem with SSL encryption is that it uses a lot of resources to decrypt, read and re-encrypt encrypted web pages. This high resource usage during times of high Internet traffic can affect network performance and slow the processing of business-critical, web-based activities. Employees may find that the Internet is temporarily unavailable or they are unable to access their emails.

The best solutions for filtering company web access have an easy-to-use whitelisting process. This enables business administrators to whitelist trusted business-critical, web-based activities so that they bypass the company web filter. This reduces the volume of resources used by the SSL inspection process and enhances network performance.

Solutions for Filtering Company Web Access Effectively

SpamTitan offers a range of solutions for filtering company web access effectively – WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. All three solutions are compatible with every operating system and can be deployed within minutes regardless of the size of the company´s network or the number of employees that connect to it.

WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi both use cloud-based technology to deliver a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency. With no on-premise software or end user client software required – and all software updates conducted from our data center – our two cloud-based solutions for filtering company web access have minimal maintenance overheads.

Granularity, Ease of Use and Whitelisting as Standard

All three solutions for filtering company web access use a three-tiered filtering mechanism to deliver an exceptional degree of granularity. Blacklists, SURBL/URIBL filters, malicious URL detection, phishing protection and anti-virus software protects companies from web-borne threats, while category and keyword filters have sufficient versatility for administrators to apply user policies by individual user, by user group, by time or by bandwidth.

Whichever company web filter is most appropriate for your circumstance, you can be certain it has been developed with ease-of-use in mind. The team behind SpamTitan has been developing Internet security solutions since 1999 and, listening to feedback from our existing clients, we are aware how vital it is to have a company web filter that is uncomplicated. Consequently all of our solutions for filtering company web access are managed via a web-based portal with an intuitive interface.

The whitelisting function is also easy to use – even for websites that have multiple components that load from multiple locations. Our tools enable accurate and flexible whitelisting so that if, for example, a company wanted to give its marketing department exclusive access to Facebook – but block access to certain Facebook applications – the filter settings could be applied with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Try a WebTitan Company Web Filter Free for Fourteen Days

If you feel that your business could benefit from a truly effective company web filter, you are invited to contact us discuss your requirements with our team of Sales Technicians. We will help you determine which of our solutions for filtering company web access is most appropriate for your business and organize a fourteen day free trial so you can evaluate the merits of WebTitan in your own environment.

Our Sales Technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have before starting your trial, and will always be available to help you navigate the management portal or optimize the company web filter´s settings. If, at the end of the free trial, you choose to continue using our service, we offer a competitive range of subscription options based on the number of users that will connect to the service and the most convenient frequency of payment.