Corporate Web Filtering Service

A corporate web filtering service is typically an adequate defense against web-borne threats such as malware and phishing. However, in order to adequately protect networks, data and users, compromises often have to be made about how the filtering parameters are applied. This is because the filtering parameters are either too complicated or too inflexible to find a balance between defense and efficient working practices.

Further compromises often have to be made when a corporate web filtering service uses SSL inspection to de-crypt, read and re-encrypt the content of encrypted web pages. SSL inspection is a necessity nowadays due to the high percentage of business-critical web pages and apps that are encrypted, but the process can place a significant strain on CPU resources and slow down web-based activities such as email.

SpamTitan understands these issues. For more than a decade we have been developing Internet security products with ease of use and flexibility in mind. With regard to SSL inspection, our corporate web filtering service includes a feature that allows trusted business-critical web pages and apps to bypass the filtering parameters. Organizations should not have to make compromises to stay secure and, with our WebTitan corporate web filtering service, you should not have to compromise on the operational efficiency of your network ever again.

The WebTitan Corporate Web Filtering Service

The WebTitan corporate web filtering service comprises of a three-tier filtering mechanism with a choice of three deployment options. All three deployment options can be implemented within minutes and their auto-configuration feature is universally compatible with all operating systems. The option to integrate with Active Directory and LDAP means that user policies can be created quickly and easily, no matter what size the organization and regardless of the number of users or networks.

Administration of our corporate web filtering service is managed via a browser-based portal. The portal has an intuitive interface that allows administrators to clearly see the options available to them and fine-tune user policies via a selection of category and keyword filters. If configuring the filtering parameters manually, settings can be applied by user, user group or organization-wide, or by time and bandwidth. It is through the portal that administrators can also whitelist business-critical web pages and apps.

All malicious URL, phishing protection and anti-virus software updates are automatic. We also maintain the SURBL/URIBL filters in real time as new threats are detected, and categorize the content of more than five million websites as new pages are published. Due to its ease of use, its flexibility and the option to whitelist business-critical web pages and apps, the WebTitan corporate web filtering service delivers an unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy and versatility.

The Choice of Deployment Options is All Yours

How you choose to deploy our corporate web filtering service depends on the needs of your organization and the network. For example, WebTitan Gateway is a virtual appliance that can be deployed as an ISO directly behind the firewall of your existing hardware or virtual infrastructure. It can be set up on full proxy or transparent proxy mode and has a full diagnostic tool kit to trouble shoot and resolve network issues.

As the name suggests, WebTitan Cloud takes advantage of cloud technology to deliver an unsurpassable corporate web filtering service. Deployment of this option requires a simple redirection of your DNS with no on premise software or end user client software required. As with WebTitan Gateway, WebTitan Cloud provides real-time viewing of web activity on your network and a comprehensive suite of reporting options to help enforce or adjust user policies.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi provides the ultimate in online protection for organizations that operate a wireless network or encourages a BYOD policy. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is deployed in exactly the same manner as WebTitan Cloud and can be used to protect single WiFi access points or a nationwide networks of WiFi hotspots with the same ease of use and flexibility as our other deployment options. Why not try it for free and see for yourself?

Try WebTitan´s Corporate Internet Filtering Service for Free

If you are tired of having to make compromises in order to protect your networks, data and users, or are dissatisfied with your existing “adequate” corporate Internet filtering service, why not try WebTitan´s service for free? We invite you to evaluate our service in your own environment free for fourteen days with no credit cards required, no contracts to sign and no committee to continue using our corporate Internet filtering service once the trial period is over.

The fourteen days trial will give you sufficient opportunity to test the merits of our corporate Internet filtering service, find the optimal settings for your organization, and review how well WebTitan has blocked requests to visit malicious web pages. You will also be able to review how effective our corporate Internet filtering service is at preventing users visiting productivity-sapping websites, or websites whose content may cause offence to some members of your workforce.

To find out more about our free trial offer, contact our team of Sales Technicians today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about our corporate Internet filtering service, explain the registration process and guide you through the implementation and configuration process of the service most suitable for your specific requirements. Naturally, throughout your trail of WebTitan, our team will always be on hand if you encounter any problems using our corporate Internet filtering service.