Why Cloud-Based DNS Filtering Software is Preferred by Businesses

DNS filtering software can be deployed in three different ways – hardware devices, on-premises software installations, and cloud-based solutions. We explain why cloud-based DNS filtering software is the preferred deployment option for most businesses. But first, because some people may have heard the term without fully understanding what it is, here is a brief description of DNS filtering software.

How DNS Filtering WorksThe “DNS” in DNS filtering software stands for Domain Name System – a system of allocating static numeric IP addresses to websites so that Internet browsers can find them faster when users type in a web address or click on a link to visit a website. The system is the Internet´s equivalent to a telephone exchange and works pretty much in the same way by connecting users with dynamic IP addresses to websites with static IP addresses.

The main advantage of the DNS system is that it takes a lot less time for a server to go through all the possible combinations of numeric characters (10 x 10 x 10 etc.) than it does for a server to go through all the possible combinations of alphanumeric characters (62 x 62 x 62 etc.). In this way, users are connected to websites and web services with almost imperceptible latency instead of having to wait long periods of time between requesting access to a website and the server being able to find it.

Most commercial web filters use DNS filtering software in order to accelerate the filtering process. What the software does is block malicious websites by their numeric IP addresses rather than their alphanumeric domain names after comparing the IP address of a requested website against databases of malicious IP addresses. The software can also block access to websites according to the nature of their content (i.e. pornography), or according to keywords found in their content (i.e. “shopping”).

The Choice of DNS Internet Filtering Software Deployment Options

As mentioned above, DNS Internet filtering software can be deployed in a hardware device, as an on-premises software installation, or as a cloud-based solution. Of the three deployment options, cloud-based solutions are quicker to deploy, don´t have the capital expense associated with hardware devices, or the maintenance overheads of an on-premises software installation. Furthermore, cloud-based DNS Internet filtering software can be scaled up and down on demand.

However, possibly the biggest advantages of cloud-based DNS Internet filtering software relate to protecting users, networks, and businesses from web-borne threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing. There are three main reasons why cloud-based DNS Internet filtering software can be better in this respect:

  • Cloud service providers tend to have a very high level of security in order to meet the requirements of multiple, diverse clients.
  • The service is likely to be updated more frequently than a hardware or software solution, and new threats responded to faster.
  • Cloud-based services are more appropriate for businesses with remote workers who need to connect to the business´s network via the Internet.

Cloud-based DNS Internet filtering software is equally as versatile as the best hardware or software solutions. Acceptable Use Policies can be applied by individual user, group or department, or universally. Businesses providing a public Wi-Fi service can apply policies by time (for example a hotel might implement a watershed for certain categories of web content) or by bandwidth, so there is exactly the same level of control as if the filter was installed on-premises.

Try Our Cloud-Based DNS Filtering Software for Free

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