DNS Security for MSPs and ISPs

DNS security for MSPs and ISPs can be labor-intensive, but that need not be the case. TitanHQ has developed a powerful DNS filtering solution – WebTitan – that provides excellent protection against internet-based threats, allows effortless content control, and has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and ISPs.

Improving DNS security for MSPs and ISPs is vital given the rise in phishing and malware threats. To protect against those threats, WebTitan provides AI-driven protection using an active database of 650 million users with real-time updating of malicious online threats, including emerging phishing URLs and zero-minute threats. WebTitan includes real-time categorization of more than 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages in 200 languages, and has 100% coverage of Alexa’s 1 million most visited websites.

With WebTitan you can block illegal, undesirable, and malicious content at source, with highly granular controls for precise filtering without overblocking. To make management even easier you can assign clients as administrators and let them manage their own content-control settings. TitanHQ also offers flexible policies to suit different environments such as schools and libraries, Wi-Fi owners, businesses and nonprofits, and highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare.

DNS Security for MSPs and ISPs Without the Hassle

Blocking malware attacks and controlling the content that can be accessed by end users used to be a labor-intensive process. That is not the case with WebTitan. WebTitan is a powerful multi-tenant web filtering solution that can be implemented in minutes and seamlessly integrated into your own infrastructure and management, billing, and reporting systems through TitanHQ APIs. With WebTitan, DNS security for MSPs and ISPs is made as simple as possible.

WebTitan has been designed for use by MSPs and ISPs and incorporates a range of features to make content control and internet security straightforward and cost-effective, eliminating the high management overhead often associated with DNS security. MSPs and ISPs get advanced customer management features to reduce their workload, the solution is scalable to hundreds of thousands of users with no latency, and the solution is fully customizable. You can host WebTitan in your own environment, rebrand the solution and add your own logos and color scheme, and customize and brand your reports.

Further, the highly competitive and fully transparent pricing policy means content control and online threat protection is cost effective for ISPs, MSPs, and their clients. The MSP and ISP-friendly features and industry-leading customer support have made WebTitan the go-to web filtering solution for service providers and the leading alternative to OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella.

To find out more about WebTitan for Service Providers, to schedule a product demonstration, and to register for a free trial (with full technical support), give the TitanHQ team a call today.