WebTitan’s simplicity differentiates it from competitors

Atlas needed a Web filtering solution that could offer real-time protection and automatically block malicious threats, a solution that would seamlessly allow its Internet usage policy to be implemented while protecting the network.

“The ability with WebTitan to protect our users very simply and quickly requiring limited IT resources distinguished WebTitan from its competitors”

Gregory Zolkos

IT Manager

Atlas Requirements

  • Atlas had a legacy solution in place that was cumbersome and extremely expensive in terms of IT time and licensing. The company was facing a massive challenge in terms of IT time required to manage the existing Web filtering solution while smoothly and effectively managing the organization’s Internet usage policy including user requests and policy changes.
  • Atlas needed to be able to provide easy to mange complete protection from ever changing network threats.
  • An important decision criteria for Atlas was the pricing “We knew we needed to move from a solution that was difficult to use and taking up unacceptable amount of I.T. time – we tested many solutions and finally found WebTitan that worked within our budget and offered all the features we needed with a very simple interface and automated updated freeing up a significant amount of technical time”.
  • Atlas found when testing WebTitan that it was much easier to use and more intuitive in terms of its set-up. By deploying WebTitan, the company is saving thousands of dollars and reclaiming all the IT time formerly spent managing its previous Web filtering appliance.

The Solution for Atlas

  • Atlas needed a solution that would flexibly and easily allow for a dynamic Internet usage policy while keeping the network secure. Having tested a number of solutions Atlas decided that WebTitan fully met its requirements.
  • The WebTitan option allowed Atlas create a dedicated WebTitan appliance using existing hardware. Because WebTitan is a complete operating system and software suite there is no possibility of compatibility issues which therefore allows for quick and hassle free deployment. The solution combines powerful security with intuitive reporting and policy management.
  • Increased productivity means that less IT staff time was wasted. The ability with WebTitan to protect our users very simply and quickly requiring limited IT resources distinguished WebTitan from its competitors’ explained Gregory Zolkos, IT Manager.
  • With WebTitan, Atlas have been able to apply flexible yet appropriate Internet usage policies, the functionality in WebTitan has allowed them to offer flexible internet access based on privileges.

The Deployment Benefits for Atlas

Atlas have enjoyed a more efficient work force with a more secure network that has been free of malware since deploying WebTitan. Full automation has lead to reduced errors that can often lead to security breaches and improved I.T. staff time management.

Atlas Began Using WebTitan

Atlas began using WebTitan in 2010 and has renewed every year since, due to the consistently high level of service provided by WebTitan.

of Hours Saved Since Deploying WebTitan

The IT department has saved hundreds of hours since deploying WebTitan as it drastically improved network security.

of Dollars Saved on License Fees

Budget was a key consideration when searching for a potential solution. WebTitan met all of Atlas’ technical requirements and was within budget.