Email Archiving for the MSP

TitanHQ has developed a suite of cloud-based solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), which includes spam filtering and web filtering, but one solution you may not be aware of is ArcTitan email archiving for the MSP.

In contrast to a backup, which is used for restoring the email system in the event of disaster, an email archive is a searchable repository for long term email storage. Emails are protected by end-to-end encryption and are stored in a tamper-proof archive in the cloud. If emails ever need to be recovered, for example for e-discovery or an audit, the archive can be searched, and emails can be quickly retrieved. That is not possible with a backup. All businesses should therefore use an email archive as well as backups.

ArcTitan is a fast and secure email archiving solution that has been purpose built for MSPs. ArcTitan is 100% cloud based, so no hardware is required, and it could not be any simpler to implement, especially since our support engineers are on hand to get you up and running quickly. We will even work directly with your email service provider to manage the deployment for you if you so wish.

ArcTitan will be compatible with your email server, can be seamlessly integrated into Office 365 (with capabilities beyond those of Microsoft), and the solution can be provided in white label form ready for your corporate logo and color scheme to make it easier to resell as a hosted service and reinforce your brand.

An email archive is important for compliance and will be needed by many businesses for long term secure email storage. What’s more, when it comes to email archiving for the MSP, the service has next to no management overhead. ArcTitan really is a set and forget solution and there is excellent margin opportunity. Managed service providers that have not yet started offering email archiving-as-a-service to their clients are missing out on easy extra recurring monthly revenue.

Key Features of ArcTitan

  • Scalable, email archiving that grows with your business
  • Email data stored securely in the cloud on Replicated Persistent Storage on AWS S3
  • Lightning fast searches – Search 30 million emails a second
  • Rapid archiving at up to 200 emails a second
  • Easy to implement into your own management systems
  • Automatic backups of the archive
  • Email archiving with no impact on network performance
  • Ensure an exact, tamperproof copy of all emails is retained
  • Easy data retrieval for eDiscovery
  • Protection for email from cyberattacks
  • Eliminate PSTs and other security risks
  • Facilitates policy-based access rights and role-based access
  • Full audit logging for compliance
  • Only pay for active users
  • Slashes the time and cost of eDiscovery other formal searches
  • Migration tools to ensure the integrity of data during transfer
  • Seamless integration with Outlook
  • Supports, single sign-on
  • Save and combine searches
  • Perform multiple searches simultaneously
  • Limits IT department involvement in finding lost email
  • Compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, etc.
  • Great margins for MSPs

To find out more about ArcTitan and to start generating extra reliable, recurring, monthly revenue, give the TitanHQ channel team a call today. You can take advantage of our free trial to see for yourself how easy it makes email archiving for the MSP with your own email system.

We are sure you will be so impressed you will want to offer email archiving-as-a-service to your clients and our team will help you every step of the way to help ensure success.