Best Email Encryption for Small Business

The best email encryption for small business lets you protect your emails and prevent unauthorized access while avoiding the complexity and high cost typically associated with encryption.

Encrypting Business Emails Prevents Unauthorized Access

Email is a quick, convenient, and low-cost method of communication, so it is no surprise that it is heavily relied on by virtually all businesses; however, emails are vulnerable and the information in emails is often not adequately secured. Email encryption for small business can be a pain. Setting up the infrastructure to encrypt emails can be incredibly complicated and expensive, which is why many businesses are put off encrypting emails, but if encryption is not implemented, all information communicated via email is at risk of interception, and unauthorized access can prove incredibly costly. Fortunately, protecting the integrity of emails and ensuring they cannot be intercepted and read doesn’t need to be expensive, and you don’t even need any technical skill to set email encryption up if you use the right solution.

Best Email Encryption for Small Business

Email encryption involves the use of an encryption algorithm that converts plaintext emails into ciphertext. The sender initiates this process with the click of a mouse, the email is sent, and the sender is required to use a key to decrypt the message. Depending on how the encryption occurs and the method used, the recipient may or may not have to complete an extra step to view an encrypted email.

The best email encryption for small business is a cloud-based solution from a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, as there no hardware is required, no maintenance is needed, the software is updated by the SaaS vendor, and the solution benefits from the scalability of the cloud and will grow with your business. All that is required is an Internet connection.

You should choose a solution that encrypts emails and attachments, as sensitive data is often sent in email attachments, so it is important to ensure no data can be intercepted and viewed. The processes involved in the encryption of emails should all occur behind the scenes, with minimal user action required.

The best email encryption for small business is effortless for employees to use. The most common way to implement encryption and give users control is through an Outlook or other mail client plugin, which prompts the user when sending an email and gives them the choice of whether or not to encrypt the message. While this is convenient, it is beneficial to have a solution with data loss prevention capabilities that enforces encryption for certain email types. EncryptTitan has a feature that will automatically encrypt emails that contain administrator- or employee-defined keywords in emails and attachments to prevent human error and the sending of sensitive information in unencrypted emails.

One problem with email encryption is compatibility. You need to make sure that a solution is compatible with your email environment and the email environments of the people with whom you are communicating. The best small business email encryption solutions are email environment agnostic.

EncryptTitan Email Encryption for Small Business

We believe EncryptTitan offers the best email encryption for small business use, providing end-to-end encryption of all email content at an affordable price. EncryptTitan uses a form of encryption called TLS-Verify. TLS or Transport Layer Security is one of the most commonly used email encryption protocols and protects emails in transit from interception between mail servers. TLS is used to secure web browsers, web servers, VPNs, database servers, email communications, and more.

TLS Verify complies with state and federal requirements for securing private information in emails yet does not require any action by the recipients to access encrypted messages. In order for email encryption to work, the recipient’s mail host, which is associated with the domain’s MX record(s), must support TLS. To prevent the encryption from failing, if the TLS Verify requirements are not met for a particular recipient, EncryptTitan will default to sending the message to a Secure Portal and will notify the recipient that there is an email to read. The recipient can then use the link to log in to the secure portal to retrieve the message. EncryptTitan is provided with a mail client for easy encryption of emails with a click of a mouse, you can see who has read messages, printed them, or forwarded them, and you can set controls to prevent forwarding, printing, and copy/pasting of message content.

EncryptTitan is agnostic of email environments, cloud-based, doesn’t require the recipient to have any software installed, and allows businesses to cost-effectively encrypt their emails and attachments to protect against surveillance, interception, and tampering. With EncryptTitan you can meet compliance requirements and encrypting business emails could not be any simpler.

For more information on EncryptTitan, technical details of the solution, to book a product demonstration, or register for a free trial, give the TitanHQ team a call.