Email Encryption Software

Email encryption software protects against the interception of emails in transit. Email is not encrypted by default and instead, emails or attachments are transmitted in plaintext. That means emails are vulnerable to interception and can be stolen or tampered with in transit.

Why is Email Encryption Software Important?

Hackers often target business email accounts using brute force tactics or phishing to steal credentials, as emails contain a wealth of data that is easy to monetize. Sensitive personal information is often sent via email which can be used to steal identities and commit tax and medical fraud. Sensitive business data is often sent via email which hackers could intercept and sell to competitors or use to extort companies by threatening to leak the information to the public and shareholders.

Payment information is frequently exchanged via email. Hackers target those emails and make changes to bank account information for upcoming invoices to get payments directed to their accounts. These scams are usually not detected for several days and by the time the payments are reported as not being received, the funds have long been withdrawn from attacker-controlled accounts. Similar scams are conducted to change direct deposit information for employee salaries.

The failure to encrypt emails can expose businesses to legal risk. If sensitive customer or employee data is intercepted, businesses can be sued for violations of consumer privacy laws. Businesses operating in regulated industries can face fines for non-compliance with data protection and privacy regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Disclosures of sensitive data can easily occur from human error. Emails containing sensitive information can easily be sent to incorrect recipients or be accidentally sent externally. Employees could also intercept sensitive internal emails if they are not encrypted.

Virtually all businesses send some sensitive data via email. If email encryption is not implemented, that information could easily fall into the wrong hands, which could result in legal costs, reputation damage, or regulatory fines.

Email Encryption Software

The easiest way to protect emails in transit is to pay for email encryption software. Email encryption software is typically available under license, where businesses pay a fixed price for licenses for software to encrypt emails on a per-user basis.

Third-party email encryption software solutions are far easier to implement and maintain than setting up and maintaining public-key infrastructure and the software makes the process of encrypting emails virtually effortless. This is especially true for email encryption-as-a-service offerings, which are cloud-based solutions where the encryption and decryption of messages occurs behind the scenes. These solutions require little to no end user training, and often do not require any user interaction to encrypt and decrypt emails.

Multi-tenant cloud-based email encryption solutions are perfect for managed service providers, who can easily add email encryption to their service stacks to increase client spending, add value to their cybersecurity packages, and better protect their clients against costly data breaches.

Email Encryption Software for SMBs, Enterprises, and MSPs with TitanHQ

TitanHQ offers three email security solutions to protect business email environments. To protect against malware, phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks, businesses can implement SpamTitan Email Security, which blocks threats at the email gateway to prevent them from reaching end users’ inboxes.

For security and compliance, TitanHQ has developed ArcTitan email archiving. This is a set-and-forget solution for archiving emails for long-term storage to meet compliance and legal obligations. All emails are protected with end-to-end encryption from the user to the cloud archive, where emails are encrypted at rest, backed up, and always available when they are needed.

To protect emails in transit, TitanHQ developed EncryptTitan

Email Encryption Software

EncryptTitan is a 100% cloud-based email encryption software that uses conditional Transport Layer Security (TLS) methodology (TLS-Verify) together with a secure web portal to allow businesses to encrypt emails to protect against unauthorized access. EncryptTitan ensures emails and attachments cannot be intercepted and viewed in transit and can only be accessed by the intended recipient(s).

EncryptTitan email encryption software can be configured to encrypt all emails, only external emails, or enforce encryption of certain types of email. Keyword-based encryption can be used to encrypt all messages that contain a certain keyword in the subject line, and policy-based encryption to prevent data leaks. With policy-based encryption, EncryptTitan will look for defined types of data in emails and attachments and will automatically encrypt emails if those data types are found. This feature makes it easy to ensure compliance with federal, state, and industry regulations that require the encryption of emails containing regulated data types. Users also have the option of installing an email client that allows them to decide which messages to encrypt with a click of the mouse.

Some email encryption solutions can cause problems for the recipients of messages. EncryptTitan avoids these problems by ensuring emails can be decrypted with no user action if certain conditions are met. If the delivery fails, the recipient will be notified, and they will be able to read the message by authenticating with a secure web portal.

EncryptTitan email encryption software has the following features:

  • TLS with host verification
  • Can be used as a secure message center to allow customers and clients to self-register and send encrypted emails to anyone within your domain
  • Automatic policy-based encryption
  • Encryption on demand
  • Keyword-based encryption
  • Secure email recipient reminder notifications to ensure messages are not forgotten
  • Supports read receipts, message recall, and full auditing of messages
  • Extensive suite of reports, including who has read, printed, saved, deleted, and replied to messages
  • Dedicated concierge setup with full support from POS to after-sales
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite
  • A multi-tenant solution to suit managed service providers
  • Customizable web portal to allow MSPs to add their branding

As with all TitanHQ solutions, it is possible to schedule a free demo of EncryptTitan email encryption software – with product support available to answer your questions – to allow businesses to see the solution before committing to a subscription to ensure it meets their email encryption needs.