Enterprise Web Filtering

An enterprise web filtering solution not only has to provide a robust defense against web-borne threats, it has to be flexible in order to meet the demands of the enterprise. However, flexibility without ease-of-use can result in the solution being ineffective. If enterprise web filtering software is complicated to configure, filtering parameters may either be set too high – obstructing workflows – or set too low, providing a gateway for cybercriminals and hackers.

At SpamTitan, we are aware of the potential issues related to enterprise web filtering, and we have developed a range of flexible and easy-to-use enterprise Internet filtering solutions that can be deployed and configured within minutes, that have no upfront costs, and that have minimal maintenance overheads – releasing IT resources to focus on other important issues. We also provide advice on how to optimize filtering parameters.

How Our Flexible Enterprise Web Filtering Software Works

In order to maximize the flexibility of our enterprise web filtering software, we use a three-tier filtering mechanism and whitelists to allow access to websites that may otherwise be blocked and to reduce the strain on CPU resources when the solution is inspecting encrypted websites. The three tiers consist of URIBL/SURBL filters, category filters and keyword filters:

  • URIBL/SURBL filters check requests to visit websites against blacklists of websites known to be harboring malware or who disguise their true identities behind proxy servers. They also check for any IP addresses associated with phishing attacks and block access if a match is found.
  • Our category filters sort more than six billion web pages into fifty-three different categories (abortion, adult entertainment, alternative beliefs, alcohol, etc.). Network managers can block access to any of the categories with the click of a mouse via the centralized management portal.
  • Keyword filters block access to websites containing specific words, using specific apps, or inviting downloads with specific file extensions. This third tier of our enterprise web filtering software provides a high level of granularity to prevent workflow obstruction or gateways for cybercriminals.

All the filtering parameters are subject to user policies, which can be created and managed by individual user, user group or enterprise-wide. For ease of use, our enterprise Internet filtering solution can be integrated with Active Directory and LDAP, and allows for multiple administrative roles to be created for network managers, policy managers, and reporting managers.

Flexible Deployment Options Add to Ease of Use

SpamTitan´s range of flexible and easy-to-use enterprise Internet filtering solutions consist of WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. Each can be deployed within minutes and each has automatic network configuration.

  • WebTitan Cloud takes advantage of cloud-based technology to deliver an unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy and flexibility with imperceptible latency. Deployment only requires a quick redirection of the enterprise´s DNS to our servers.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been specifically designed to supports both static and dynamic IP addresses. It keeps keep wireless networks, single WiFi access points and nationwide networks of WiFi hotspots protected from web-borne threats with the same flexibility and ease of use.

All three of our enterprise Internet filtering solutions provide real-time oversight of network web activity and a suite of reporting options that can be customized to provide deep insight into activity by user, user group, URL or IP address and identify trends or policy violations. Network managers can also set up email alerts to notify of any attempts to circumnavigate the enterprise web filtering software.

Enterprise Internet Filtering Solutions for MSPs

If your interest in enterprise Internet filtering solutions is due to you being a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or reseller, you will appreciate that flexibility and ease-of-use is of paramount importance when providing an enterprise Internet filtering service to clients. The option of managing the solution yourself, or delegating responsibility to each of your clients, may also appeal to you.

However, some of the biggest advantages of providing our WebTitan service to your clients are that all three WebTitan solutions are multi-tenanted enterprise Internet filtering solutions, they can be supplied in white label format for re-branding, and we offer a choice of hosting options - in our infrastructure, in your infrastructure, or in a private cloud for each client via AWS. Please speak with us for more information about our services for MSPs.

Try our Flexible and Easy-to-Use Software for Free

If you would like to find out more about our flexible enterprise web filtering software, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our Sales Technicians. The discussion will help determine the most appropriate enterprise Internet filtering solution for your circumstances, after which you will be invited to take advantage of a fourteen day free trial.

During the trial period, you will be supported by our industry-leading Customer and Technical Support teams. They will provide advice about optimizing the filtering parameters, and guide you through fine-tuning the enterprise web filtering software to achieve maximum effectiveness. Then, at the end of the free trial, if you choose to continue with our service, no further configuration will be required.

We are confident you will find our enterprise web filtering software a robust defense against web-borne threats, flexible and easy-to-use. Contact us today to start your free trial and you could be evaluating the merits of our enterprise Internet filtering solutions in your own environment within a few minutes.