Why an HTTPS Web Filter is a Necessary Online Security Tool

An HTTPS web filter with SSL inspection is an Internet filtering appliance that decrypts, reads and re-encrypts the content of encrypted web pages to ensure they are not harboring malware or ransomware and to ensure users are complying with acceptable use policies.

The reason why an HTTPS web filter with SSL inspection is a necessary online security tool is because cybercriminals have identified many older Internet filtering appliances do not have SSL inspection. They are using this information to bypass older filtering mechanisms and deploy web-borne threats.

As well as preventing users inadvertently visiting supposedly secure websites harboring malware and ransomware, the implementation of an HTTPS web filter with SSL inspection can also have secondary benefits. The Internet filtering appliance can be configured to block access to productivity-sapping websites  and those that may expose students, employees, customers and guests to inappropriate and offensive online material.

Why has SSL Inspection become so Important?

SSL inspection has become an important factor in online security because obtaining an SSL Certificate is not as difficult or as expensive as it once was. The stringent checks once used to scrutinize applications for SSL Certificates seem to be ignored by some Certification Authorities – one Certification Authority known to have issued more than 900 certificates to phishing sites with “PayPal” in their URL.

Furthermore, many website owners have encrypted their sites for SEO purposes. Recently Google announced it would enhance the rankings of encrypted websites in Search Engine Results Pages. This – together with Facebook´s encryption policy – has resulted in more than half the world´s most-visited web pages being unreadable by Internet filtering appliances lacking the SSL inspection function.

Not only is this a nightmare for IT security teams, but also for system administrators trying to enforce acceptable use policies. According to some sources, American businesses suffer a loss of productivity up to 40% due to non work-related online activities in the workplace, while 60% of all online purchases and 70% of visits to online pornography websites occur during the working hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Why Doesn´t Everybody have an HTTPS Web Filter?

Considering the risks, you would think every organization would implement an HTTPS web filter. Right? Wrong. Some organizations manage the risks by applying category and keyword filters to block access to everything except for trusted websites and web-based applications. They argue that the SSL inspection process places a considerable strain on CPUs – slowing Internet speed and web access.

This is a valid argument against hardware-based and software-based solutions, but one that can be overcome with whitelisting – a process in which trusted websites and web-based applications are allowed to bypass the Internet filtering application so that less strain is placed on CPUs. With a cloud-based HTTPS web filter, the SSL inspection process is not an issue.

A cloud-based HTTPS web filter uses the service provider´s servers to conduct the SSL inspection process and filter out malware and ransomware hidden in encrypted websites – freeing up capacity on the organization´s servers. Control over user access and the enforcement of acceptable use policies is still managed by the organization, who manage their filtering parameters via a web-based portal.

WebTitan Cloud and Cloud for WiFi from SpamTitan

WebTitan Cloud from SpamTitan is a cloud-based HTTPS web filter with SSL inspection that has all the features of a hardware-based or software-based solution, but without the capital expense or high maintenance overheads. Like hardware-based or software-based solutions, WebTitan Cloud provides a powerful defense against malware and ransomware, and granular control over who, what, and when users can access the Internet.

Easy to deploy and quick to configure, WebTitan Cloud is compatible with every operating system and scalable up to 60,000 users. The robust filtering mechanisms are supported by malicious URL detection software, phishing protection software and antivirus software – all of which are updated by us in real time – to maximize protection against web-borne threats. Administrators can also observe web activity in real time or draw down reports to review historic web activity.

For organizations providing a wireless Internet service, and businesses with a BYOD policy, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi provides a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency and no bandwidth restrictions. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be implemented as a HTTPS web filter to protect both single WiFi access points and networks with multiple WiFi hotspots and, for commercial enterprises, the potential exists to tailor your services to your clients´ needs.

Try a WebTitan Cloud Internet Filtering Appliance for Free

If your organization is in the position where it is protecting its network against malware and ransomware hidden in encrypted websites without using SSL inspection, we invite you to try a WebTitan Cloud Internet filtering appliance for free. Our free trial provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the most suitable HTTPS web filter for your situation and experience its ease of use and flexibility.

To find out more about this opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of Sales Technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have about SSL inspection and discuss your requirements to determine which WebTitan Cloud Internet filtering appliance would be most suitable for your needs. Our team will then explain more about our free trial and guide you through the registration process.

During the free trial, you will receive all the assistance you need to configure your HTTPS web filter to the optimal settings for your organization and troubleshoot any issues you encounter. At the end of the trial, if you decide you would like to continue using our service, your HTTPS web filter will not require any further configuration and we will be able to offer you a choice of competitive subscription packages.

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