GVS Enjoy Increased Productivity Since Deploying WebTitan On Premise

The Gift Voucher Shop decided to deploy a Web Filtering solution to manage internet usage in the work place. Management believed if they could control non work related browsing they could increase productivity.

Since we have implemented WebTitan we have been able to increase productivity and are now able to make sure protections are in place so the company can benefit the safe use of Web 2.0

Kevin O’Leary

IT Manager

The Challenge

  • Gift Voucher Shop is comprised of many departments with varying browsing requirements. For example the needs of the marketing department that manage on-line social media campaigns are very different from that of the purchasing department.
  • The challenge was to gauge the level of internet requirements for each department and tailor a policy to cater for all employees depending on their role and based on the companies internet policy.
  • As a company the Gift Voucher Shop had to figure out how much fun is too much fun and set policies which would then enforce those limits.
  • According to Kevin O’Leary, I.T. Manager “we were very aware that there are a growing number of on-line distractions looking for our employees’ attention – social media, mobile apps, games, online content, online shopping”. These are all distractions that amount to lost productivity. This wastes their work time as well as company bandwidth.

The Solution

  • GVS choose to implement WebTitan Gateway, which allowed them to create a dedicated WebTitan appliance using existing hardware resulting in a quick and hassle free deployment.
  • With WebTitan GVS could start managing internet usage straight away by creating a tailored usage policy for the organization where they specified what sites different departments or employees can visit during work and non work times.
  • An important area for GVS was the ability to use LDAP authentication. This allowed GVS a means of automatically authenticating users to WebTitan against an LDAP database saving time and making the setting up process effortless.
  • The flexible reporting helps us monitor internet usage.. It allows the company to identify the top websites that users visit and look at who is using the internet the most.
  • Compared to other solutions considered the Gift Voucher Shop found WebTitan to be a more flexible and powerful solution, quicker to implement and above all for a busy medium sized company. It was affordable and paid for itself in terms of productivity gains and time saved, reports Kevin.

The Results

The Gift Voucher shop implemented WebTitan over 5 years ago and were quickly impressed with how easy it was to use, by selecting a solution that can be centrally administered, with flexible policy management within weeks it began to save their I.T department significant amounts of time and also had an immediate effect on overall staff productivity.

User WebTitan Gateway

WebTitan Gateway allowed GVS to deploy on existing hardware, avoiding compatibility issues and resulting in a hassle free installation.

Years Using WebTitan Gateway

GVS has enjoyed WebTitan’s extensive functionality when creating different policies to protect users so much that they have continued using the product for five years.

of Hours Saved By IT Staff

WebTitan’s user friendly design has saved the IT department hundreds of hours work protecting their network, and it has paid for itself in terms of productivity gains!