Internet Filtering Software for Business

Internet filtering software for business is often the go-to solution for organizations and companies that want to strengthen their defenses against web-borne threats. However, not all business Internet filtering solutions are the same. Three factors often determine how effective Internet filtering software for business is:

  • The way in which it deals with SSL inspection.
  • The versatility of its filtering parameters.
  • Its ease of use.

SSL inspection is a necessary feature of business Internet filtering solutions because the majority of web pages are now encrypted. The problem with how some business Internet filtering solutions decrypt, inspect and re-encrypt encrypted web pages is that it is resource-intensive – affecting network performance, slowing Internet speeds and access to email.

The filtering parameters have to be sufficiently versatile to ensure they do not prevent business-critical functions while trying to enforce acceptable use policies. For example, Internet filtering software for business should be able to provide access to corporate social media accounts for the business´s marketing department while blocking access to private social media accounts for other employees.

Regardless of the size of a business and the skillset of its system administrator, business Internet filtering solutions have to be easy to use. A frequent scenario is that – because of complicated software – filtering parameters are applied too rigidly. Workflows are obstructed – causing complaints – and when the filtering parameters are relaxed in response to the complaints, gateways are left open for cybercriminals, and for employees to access productivity-sapping and objectionable online material.

SpamTitan´s Business Internet Filtering Solutions

SpamTitan has been providing Internet security solutions for many years. From the feedback received from our existing customers we are aware that, without suitable mechanisms in place to optimize network performance and easily control access to the Internet, business Internet filtering solutions are not fully effective.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of Internet filtering software for business – the WebTitan range – that not only provides a robust defense against web-borne threats, but that can also help increase productivity and avoid HR issues. Each of our business Internet filtering solutions has no upfront costs, are easy to implement and have low maintenance overheads.

The WebTitan range of Internet filtering software for business is available in a choice of deployment options:

  • WebTitan Cloud uses cloud technology to deliver an unrivaled level of versatility with imperceptible latency due to the SSL inspection process being conducted in the cloud. Deployment of our cloud-based Internet filtering software for business takes minutes and requires a quick redirection of the business´s Domain Name Server settings to our server.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been specifically designed to protect wireless networks, single WiFi access points and nationwide networks of WiFi hotspots. Like all of our business Internet filtering solutions, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi includes best-in-class phishing protection, malicious URL detection, and antivirus software.

The WebTitan range of Internet filtering software for business gives system administrators real-time oversight of Internet activity on their networks. Email alerts can be set up to notify administrators of network events – such as attempted breaches of acceptable use policies – while a suite of customizable reports can be used to identify trends in network usage and conduct risk assessments.

Try Internet Filtering Software for Business for Free

If your business is concerned about the risk from web-borne threats, or you have attempted to filter Internet content before but found the solution ineffective, we invite you to try our Internet filtering software for business free for fourteen days.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, contact our team of Sales Technicians to discuss your requirements. Our team will determine which of our business Internet filtering solutions is most appropriate for you and arrange your free trial

Throughout your trial period, we will be able to provide advice about how to optimize the Internet filtering software for business, and guide you through setting policies and fine-tuning the solution to achieve maximum effectiveness. Thereafter, if you choose to continue using our service at the end of the free trial, you will have a fully effective Internet filtering solution already protecting your business and your users.