Choosing an Effective Internet Filtering Solution

Choosing an effective Internet filtering solution to reduce your business´s exposure to online threats such as malware and ransomware is not an easy decision. There are many different types of appliances for filtering the Internet, each promising to “dramatically improve network protection, security and productivity”. However, this does not necessarily mean that an Internet filtering solution is “effective”.

In order to be truly effective, an Internet filtering solution has to be easy to use and flexible. If appliances for filtering the Internet are too complex to understand, it will be impossible to find their optimum settings. If they are too inflexible, the settings may have to be set too high for optimal Internet filtering in order to reduce the business´s exposure to online threats.

The Cost of Appliances for Filtering the Internet

Although the cost of recovering from a malware infection or ransomware attack may be many times the cost of appliances for filtering the Internet, smaller businesses also have to consider the cost of appliances for filtering the Internet. These not only include the capital costs of hardware-based Internet filtering solutions, but also the costs of maintaining and updating the appliances´ software.

Due to budget restrictions, many businesses opt for software-based or cloud-based “virtual” appliances for filtering the Internet. These typically have no upfront costs, are updated by the service provider and include tools to minimize maintenance overheads. Instead of a capital cost, businesses pay a monthly or annual subscription according to the size of the business and their chosen deployment option.

Internet Filtering Solutions from SpamTitan

Since 2009, SpamTitan has been developing online security solutions for all sizes of business. Our easy to use and flexible appliances for filtering the Internet help businesses in more than one hundred countries reduce their exposure to online threats such as malware and ransomware, and include features such as antivirus software, malicious URL detection and phishing protection to maximize online security.

WebTitan Cloud is a versatile cloud-based Internet filtering solution that is compatible with all types of networks and operating systems. Although still managed via the web-based portal, WebTitan Cloud connects with our cloud-based servers via a redirection of the business´s DNS server settings to deliver a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is the best Internet filtering solution for businesses that provide a publicly-accessible wireless Internet service or who promote a BYOD policy. Also universally compatible and scalable up to 60,000 users, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can support both single WiFi access points and wireless networks consisting of multiple WiFi hotspots.

How Our Internet Filtering Solutions Work

All three of our appliances for filtering the Internet reduce businesses´ exposure to online threats using a three-tiered filtering mechanism. Together, the three tiers maximize flexibility and eliminate scenarios in which the filter´s settings are configured too high – blocking access to business-critical applications – or too low – leaving gateways open for the delivery of malware payloads.

  • In the first tier, blacklists and URIBL/SURBL filters prevent users visiting websites known to be harboring malware, website used to execute phishing attacks, and websites whose IP addresses are associated with spam email.
  • In the second tier, administrators can block access to specific categories of website with the click of a mouse. These categories include many subjects that may be contrary to acceptable use policies such as gambling, pornography, social media, etc.
  • Finally, keyword filters can be used to prevent users visiting websites containing specific words without blocking an entire category, downloading file types most commonly associated with malware, or using web applications that may contravene acceptable use policies.

The flexibility of our Internet filtering solutions cannot be surpassed. Category filters and keyword filters can be applied by individual user, user group or network-wide, or by time, bandwidth and IP address. Administrators can view real time web activity via the management portal, or use a comprehensive reporting suite to review historic Internet activity, identify trends and compile risk assessments.

Try Internet Filtering Today for Free

If you have a decision to make about choosing an effective Internet filtering solution, you are invited to try Internet filtering for free using whichever of our appliances for filtering the Internet are most suitable for your needs. Our free trial offer enables you to evaluate WebTitan solutions in your own environment and find your optimum settings so that, should you choose to proceed with our service once the free trial offer has expired, no further configuration of the appliance will be necessary.

To find out more about our free trial offer, or to find out more about Internet filtering in general, do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our Sales Technicians. Our Sales Technicians will be able to explain more about our free trial offer, help you determine which is the most appropriate Internet filtering solution for you to try, and answer any questions you have about the deployment and configuration of appliances for filtering the Internet.

If you are happy to proceed with the free trial, our Sales Technicians will guide you through the registration process and be on hand if ever you experience any problems with our appliances for filtering the Internet or want further advice about Internet filtering. With this level of service, you can be sure of all the help you need to effectively reduce your business´s exposure to online threats such as malware and ransomware.