TitanHQ has announced a new partnership with m3connect, one of the largest wireless Internet service providers in Europe. TitanHQ’s cloud-based WiFi content filtering solution – WebTitan – is now being used to protect m3connect customers from malware and ransomware downloads, while carefully controlling the Internet content that can be accessed across its WiFi networks.

Since the company’s formation in 2001, m3connect has grown into one of the largest providers of wireless Internet in Europe, with the company operating from its European offices in Aachen, Karlsruhe, Berlin and Sibenik and in San Francisco in the United States. In addition to offering customers wireless Internet with a flexible network design, the firm provides a wide range of digital services including VoIP, VoD, location based services, guest infotainment systems and digital signage and serves clients in the finance, retail, hospitality, transport and healthcare industries.

Now the firm’s customers will benefit from secure WiFi access protected by WebTitan. WebTitan is a cloud-based web filtering solution that offers organizations precision control over the websites that can be accessed via their wireless networks. Customers can control content by category, keywords, and blacklists to prevent harmful and undesirable content from being accessed. WebTitan detects and blocks more than 60,000 malware iterations each day, with the solution particularly well suited for WiFi deployments in the retail, finance, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

WebTitan can be used to protect single WiFi hotspots or global WiFi networks through a single administration control panel, offering instant control of website content without any latency.

Organizations are increasingly choosing a secure, filtered Internet service to protect customers from web-based threats, although in the hospitality and retail sector it is becoming increasingly important to filter the Internet to prevent pornography and other undesirable content from being accessed by WiFi users. As Roland Heinen, Head of Retail Department, m3connect explains, “Providing a powerful security solution is key to save the brand reputation of our customers. Youth protection is mandatory in modern hotspot solutions.”

Commenting on the new partnership, Heinen said “The partnership with WebTitan is one more step in our successful retail strategy serving our customers with state-of-the art WI-FI hotspot, digital signage and infrastructure solutions.”

TitanHQ’s CEO Ronan Kavanagh said “We’re delighted to welcome m3connect and their customers on-board. This is a partnership that illustrates just how well suited WebTitan is to retail environments.”

Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi for WiFi Hotspot Providers

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is an award-winning WiFi filtering solution for WiFi hotspot providers with highly granular control for precision filtering of Internet content. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a DNS-based filtering solution that has no impact on Internet speed, is quick and easy to implement, and effortless to manage. You can easily apply controls over across multiple access points to restrict access to inappropriate content and improve security for your customers.

With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi you can:

  • Filter the Internet across multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Create a family-friendly, safe and secure web browsing environment
  • Manage access points through a single web-based administration panel
  • Delegate management of access points
  • Filter by website, website category, keyword term, or keyword score
  • Block material contained in the child abuse image content URL list (CAIC List)
  • Upload blacklists and create whitelists
  • Reduce the risk of phishing attacks
  • Block malware and ransomware downloads
  • Inspect encrypted websites with SSL certificates
  • Schedule and run reports on demand
  • Gain a real-time view of internet activity
  • Gain insights into bandwidth use and restrict activities to conserve bandwidth
  • Integrate the solution into existing systems through a suite of APIs
  • Apply time-based filtering controls

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is very competitively priced, with flexible payment terms, multiple hosting options, and industry leading customer support. If you want to carefully control the content that can be accessed on your WiFi network and protect your customers, give the TitanHQ team a call today