Rapid Recovery decided to take action and deployed WebTitan – saving time & money

Rapid Recovery provides Terminal Server access. They needed a solution to monitor what users were doing on the Web. Providing unrestricted access while keeping the company’s network free of viruses and spyware was an important objective.

We believed we lacked the resources to actively manage these threats, WebTitan gave us the powerful and exible tools to do this quickly and simply.

Rodney Stalnaker

IT Director

The Challenge

  • Rapid Recovery provides Terminal Server access to their franchise partners and employees. They needed a solution to monitor what remote users were doing on the web while logged into the terminal server. Providing unrestricted access to the Internet while keeping the company’s network free of viruses and spyware was a big concern.
  • At this point it was decided to research a viable and long-term approach to network security and began evaluating web filtering solutions that would protect the network and manage usage.
  • Rodney trialled a dedicated WebTitan appliance which he could customise based on the polices he wished to apply to his users.
  • After testing for about 3 weeks, WebTitan passed with flying colours so Rodney chose WebTitan to manage Rapid Recovery’s internet security.
  • Director Rodney Stalnaker commented that “we trialled several solutions and finally turned to WebTitan which met all of our needs and was extremely affordable compared to other solutions.”

The Solution

  • Rapid recovery realized that significant damage can be caused by dangerous spyware and malware invading the network. These infections are notoriously difficult to defeat and can potentially damage the networks. WebTitan ensures that data is scanned for the latest malware and viruses before it gets to your network – sites containing malware or viruses are identified and access is blocked.
  • ‘WebTitan has been doing everything Rapid Recovery requires and more’, according to Stalnaker. ‘ It’s hard to measure events avoided when they don’t happen, so I can imagine WebTitan has saved me considerable time troubleshooting spyware and other network threats that may have infected the network if users weren’t blocked from everything but what they need to access.’
  • ‘We’ve not really had to use WebTitan support so far which says a lot about how easy to configure and use WebTitan is – it is an added bonus that support is included in the very reasonable price and not an extra like many other solutions we looked at’ said Stalnaker.

The Results

‘We tested many solutions and ultimately found that by far WebTitan was the easiest to set up and manage.WebTitan offered Rapid Recovery a central point for maintenance, ultimately saving time, money and resources’ said Stalnaker

Day Free Trial

Rapid Recovery decided to trial WebTitan for 14 DAYS to see if it could solve their problem of providing unrestricted internet access while keeping the company’s network secure.

Weeks of Testing

After three weeks of testing, WebTitan passed with flying colours and Rapid Recovery decided to purchase WebTitan to protect their network.

Hours Problem Solving

Rapid Recovery have been able to forget about trouble shooting for viruses and spyware., freeing up their time for more other projects.