Following on from the hugely popular Xchange 2016 Conference in Texas, TitanHQ is on the road again and will be in attendance at the MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016 – A must-visit event for managed service providers.

At Xchange 2016, TitanHQ gave a presentation to attendees explaining the many benefits that can be gained from adding a web filtering service to MSP’s service stack. If you were unable to attend Xchange 2016, or were unable to speak with the Titan HQ team, be sure to book a meeting to find out how a cloud-based web filtering solution can increase revenues and better protect clients from web-borne threats.

The MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016

The MSPAlliance-run event is the premier conference for MSPs, offering an opportunity to meet some the biggest names in the industry.

In contrast to many industry events that cater for cloud & managed services professionals, MSPWorld is run by MSPs exclusively for MSPs. The event organisers have enjoyed huge successes in the managed service industry and their experiences will be shared with attendees.

Attendees will be offered the opportunity to take part in quality educational sessions. In addition to providing valuable insights into the latest industry trends, the MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016 will be going back to basics with a chance to attend some of the most informative and valuable education sessions that have proved so popular in recent years.

The event is also a gilt-edged opportunity to meet some of the leading technology companies serving MSPs, ISPs, and cloud service professionals and is the perfect place for networking and building contacts. The MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016 truly is an unmissable event for managed service providers.

The MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016 will be taking place between October 9-11 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada and is open to MSPWorld members and non-members. Be sure to register and book your place at this year’s event.

To avoid disappointment, contact TitanHQ today at to arrange your meeting with to discuss integrating cloud based web filtering into your service offerings and the exciting partnership opportunities with TitanHQ.

MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016