TitanHQ has published a new data sheet for ArcTitan Cloud, detailing the features and benefits of this cost-effective, convenient, and secure email archiving solution for businesses.

Email Storage is a Nightmare for Most Businesses

Email has changed the way companies do business. Just a decade ago, businesses relied on letters and faxes, yet today, email is now serving those needs. Email accounts are now used to receive and send orders, store critical business data, and communicate with staff, clients, and customers.

Email accounts now contain a vast amount of data and access to that information needs to be maintained at all times.  Given the volume of emails that are sent and received each day by each employee, storage is a major issue. Most medium to large businesses have to purchase a considerable amount of hardware just to store their emails. Storage requirements can also rapidly change, so additional capacity is always required to meet changing storage needs.

While sufficient storage can be purchased, it is not long before space is used, mailbox quotas are reached, servers start to become sluggish, and backups start to take an age to complete.

Good email practices can help, but employees are increasingly using email for document storage and are placing even greater pressures on email storage solutions.

While storage demands can be eased by deleting old and unwanted emails, businesses that are required to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act or other email archiving legislation may not have this option. Emails therefore need to be archived so they can be accessed at any time.

A lost email could be a major headache for a business, but if there is a legal dispute or an audit, a lost email could be catastrophic. Lost emails could result in significant fines for non-compliance and even imprisonment. With email archiving legislation often calling for emails to be stored for a minimum of seven years, many companies have frequent organizational storage nightmares.

Businesses can solve their storage needs with additional hardware and internal storage solutions, but recovering emails can prove problematic. If emails are not stored or archived correctly, searches can take an extraordinary amount of time. PST files can be a nightmare, especially if searches need to be performed or emails need to be regularly retrieved from archives. However, storing emails in SQL databases brings its own headaches. Costs can be excessive, databases often perform poorly, backups become exceedingly complex, and there is significant potential for data loss.

Fortunately, companies can solve their email storage needs by using a secure, cloud-based email archiving system: One that allows an unlimited number of emails to be securely stored, while also ensuring searches can be quickly performed and emails quickly and easily retrieved at any time.

Key Benefits of ArcTitan

ArcTitan Cloud from TitanHQ is a powerful, cloud-based email archiving solution that has been designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, especially companies in heavily regulated industries where audits are to be expected.

While ArcTitan Cloud is designed for long term storage to ensure that no email is ever lost, emails can be quickly and easily retrieved at any time. With ArcTitan Cloud, organizations can do not have to cope with organizational storage headaches or setting up complex storage and backup systems.

ArcTitan Cloud requires very little on-site hardware, there are no complex installations (setup takes about 5 minutes), and employees are essentially provided with bottomless email accounts. The versatile storage solution is designed to grow with businesses, with no limits on storage space or the number of users.

To explain the features and benefits of ArcTitan Cloud, TitanHQ has produced a new data sheet for ArcTitan Cloud, covering the most important elements of the solution for quick and easy reference. If you are struggling with storage space, are unhappy with your current email storage or archiving solution, or are looking to cut the cost of email storage, ArcTitan Cloud could well be the solution you are looking for.

To find out more about TitanHQ’s innovative email archiving solution, download the new data sheet for ArcTitan Cloud on this link.