Office 365 Malware Protection

Email is the primary vector used to deliver malware and businesses that use Office 365 are being targeted. Here we explain how you can improve Office 365 malware protection and block malware, ransomware, viruses and botnets and keep your network secure.

Office 365 Anti-Malware Capabilities

Microsoft incorporates a basic level of protection against spam, phishing, and malware through Exchange Online Protection (EOP). EOP is included in the Office 365 subscription and provides a reasonable level of protection against malware and ransomware threats.

According to Osterman Research, independent tests show EOP is effective at blocking known malware threats. These threats have previously been identified as malicious and their signatures have been incorporated into Microsoft’s anti-virus engine. When one of these threats is attached to an email, Microsoft will detect it and quarantine or delete the email. Tests showed EOP blocks 100% of known malware threats.

However, EOP is far less effective at detecting new malware threats. Zero-day malware has yet to have a signature uploaded to the AV engine, so when a threat is encountered it is not recognized as malicious and will therefore not be blocked. Signatures for these new malware threats will be incorporated into Microsoft’s AV engine and definitions are updated approximately every 15 minutes, but there is a lag and until the signature of a malware threat is added, businesses will be at risk.

Figures from AV-Test, the independent IT security institute, show that between 9.33 million and 17.69 million new malware samples were detected each month in 2019. Every day, AV-Test detects an average of 350,000 new malicious programs and potentially unwanted applications.

Given the rate at which new malware is being released, an advanced email security solution should be layered on top of EOP which has the capability to detect zero-day malware threats.

Improve Office 365 Malware Protection with SpamTitan

TitanHQ has developed such a solution. SpamTitan is a powerful antispam, antiphishing and antimalware solution that can be layered on top of Office 365 to improve protection against zero day email attacks. SpamTitan complements EOP and takes the level of protection to the next level, improving defenses against advanced phishing attacks and zero-day malware and ransomware threats.

SpamTitan utilizes a defense-in-depth approach to protect against known and unknown threats. SpamTitan incorporates dual anti-virus engines to combat known malware and a combination of

but is also effective at identifying and blocking zero-day attacks through a combination of heuristics, Bayesian analysis, and machine learning to predict new attacks. SpamTitan also incorporates a sandbox where potentially suspicious attachments are subjected to deep analysis to identify malicious actions and C2 callbacks. SpamTitan also includes anti-typosquatting protection, link protection, and email encryption, which are only options with Office 365 EOP.

With SpamTitan in place, Office 365 malware protection will be greatly improved, and you will be able to detect and block threats that would otherwise be delivered to end users’ inboxes.

Improve Office 365 Malware Protection Now!

Protecting Office 365 with SpamTitan couldn’t be any simpler. No agents are required on users’ devices and setup takes just a few minutes. You just need to direct your MX record to TitanHQ and your inboxes will be protected. You can apply your own settings and administer the solution through an intuitive web-based portal and set spam thresholds at the domain, user-group, or user level with easy synchronization with LDAP and Active Directory.

If capacity changes, no problem. SpamTitan can be easily scaled up and down to meet the needs of your business and if ever you experience any problems, you benefit from industry leading customer support.

If you want to improve Office 365 malware protection, contact TitanHQ today to book a personalized product demonstration. You can also take advantage of a no-obligation two-week trial of SpamTitan to evaluate the solution before committing to a purchase.