• Before upgrading, please read all release notes that apply to versions more recent that the currently installed version on your system
  • Required previous version is 4.00
  • Existing configuration will not be changed



  • New: Maximum license usage is now displayed on the License page. This shows the maximum number of internal email addresses that have been processed as clean mail in one day.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine update to 0.88.3. This release includes a number of bug fixes.
  • Update: Spamassassin engine updated to 3.1.3. This release contains several important bug fixes over the previous version.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where quarantine report included listing of messages that where not quarantined. e.g. a policy dictating that a message be rejected without quarantining.
  • Fix: Resolved issue adding outbound disclaimers.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where the top mail recipients report included ‘Relay Denied’ recipients.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where reports where not been archived.
  • Fix: Resolved issue adding more that one static route.
  • Fix (VMware): Resolved time synchronization problem on vmware machines where the virtual machine would lose time with its host machine. If using SpamTitan for VMware you must reboot the virtual machine after applying the update for this patch to work.