Passive OS Fingerprint provides the ability to identify the connecting SMTP client operating system. This information can subsequently be used to penalize mail originating from, for instance Windows XP systems and reward connections from Unix systems. This feature may be enabled from the Anti-Spam Engine -> Settings page. See the online help on that page for more details.


ClamAV virus engine update to 0.91.1. This fixes some stability issues in the earlier versions.

Problems Resolved

  • Summary reports were missing count data.
  • Enabling HTTPS.
  • Scheduled reports showing bytes transferred was displaying the incorrect value.
  • Domain policy settings where been displayed incorrectly.
  • It was not possible to set the quarantine report runtime to 00 hour or 00 minute.
  • Incorrect ‘Statistics Since’ date may have been shown on the dashboard.
  • Weekly and monthly reports could get run daily.