Galway , August 24th – SpamTitan Technologies now support running SpamTitan software on  64-bit machines. This introduction is as a result of growing requests from customers who have been seeing new servers coming to market with 64-bit processors as standard  as well as virtualisation software providers like VMware supporting 64-bit across their platforms.

Running SpamTitan on a  64bit processor allows for higher performance than is achievable with 32-bit processors, it also allows users to increase the memory above the 3.5GB limit set by 32-bit processors. The SpamTitan 64bit platform is ideally suited to ISPs who wish to extend their offerings e.g. to filter outbound mails to guard against customer’s being blacklisted due to spam attacks. The SpamTitan 64 bit platform can be easily clustered with the 32bit platform allowing so it can be rolled out as customers acquire 64bit hardware or 64bit virtual infrastructure without any disruption to their current installation.

SpamTitan has been designed from the ground up to meet the complex scaleability and management needs of ISPs and other managed email service providers. More and more this means operating in a virtualized environment as ISPs seek to optimize their server usage. “SpamTitan is one of the first vendors  to provide 64-bit support for virtual computing allowing ISPs the opportunity to extend their offerings.  There are few virtualized security solutions to offer such an extensive set of tools that are specifically tailored to the needs of ISPs,” said Kavanagh.

The flexibility offered by these tools along with the product’s reliability, capacity and tracking abilities is invaluable to dynamic environments such as ISPs where customers subscribe and unsubscribe on a continuous basis. Current users of SpamTitan can download a new installation from, once SpamTitan has been set-up successfully 64-bit support is available. Support for 64-bit computing will be extended to the WebTitan solution very shortly.

For any queries on SpamTitan in a 64 bit environment please contact

About SpamTitan Technologies

SpamTitan Technologies, a global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email security solutions, markets SpamTitan, offering small and medium size businesses the most comprehensive protection from email threats, including SPAM, viruses, Trojans, phishing, malware and other unwanted content. It also markets WebTitan, an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage and highly secure web filtering solution. SpamTitan Technologies’ unique approach in utilising next-generation virtualisation software eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability but at an affordable price. A division of CopperFasten Technologies, SpamTitan Technologies is a global company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland.    For further information email