Businesses have to deal with thousands of spam emails each day. Each employee may spend just a few minutes each day dealing with spam emails, but that time could be much better spent on other tasks. Multiply those minutes by the number of employees and it adds up to a significant loss of productivity.

At best, spam email is a nuisance and a drain on productivity. But it is not just nuisance emails that arrive in inboxes. Businesses face a barrage of phishing emails, and malware and ransomware are usually delivered via email.

All it takes is for one employee to be fooled by a malicious email for a network to be compromised, credentials to be revealed, and for files to be encrypted by ransomware. The cost of dealing with those attacks can be considerable.

The solution is to deploy an advanced spam filter that will scan all incoming messages for spam signatures, check email attachments for malware, and assess embedded hyperlinks that would otherwise direct employees to phishing websites and exploit kits. Spam and malicious emails are then quarantined, while genuine emails are delivered without delay.

SpamTitan Attracts Top Marks from Users

To help businesses fend off spam email and ransomware attacks, TitanHQ developed SpamTitan. SpamTitan anti-spam software subjects all incoming emails to a Bayesian analysis. Emails are analyzed for spam signatures and the system ‘learns’ from new spam email campaigns ensuring it remains up to date and copes with new spamming tactics.

Greylisting is used as an additional spam control – Requests are made for suspect messages to be resent. Since spam servers are busy, the delay in messages being resent helps to identify and block more spam messages. These and other controls ensure SpamTitan blocks more than 99.9% of spam email, and ensure a false positive rate of less than 0.03%.

While many spam solutions are difficult to implement and troublesome to maintain, SpamTitan can be configured in minutes and has a low management overhead.

SpamTitan has also been attracting top reviews from users, in particular for ease of implementation and use, high spam capture rates, low false positives and for TitanHQ’s industry-leading customer service.

On the business software review website Capterra, SpamTitan has been awarded 4.5/5 points overall and has received top marks for technical support and customer service.

Some of the positive comments from users of SpamTitan are listed below:

“I like that once you have configured it, you basically forget about it. It just works seamlessly and you don’t worry about it.”

“It has been great stopping emails that bring spam or ransomware. We used to get hundreds of bad emails and now we don’t.”

“The 100% uptime, ease of use, flexibility, customization options, seamless updates, clustering, and support folks who are easy to work with.”

“Wonderful product that I will recommend to every network/systems administrator.”

“It has taken so much workload off of our servers and IT staff. We still run all our security software and best practices but our AV software has barely caught anything with SpamTitan catching all the bad guys. “

Benefits of SpamTitan

SpamTitan is costs as little as $17 a month for 10 users and the solution requires no software downloads or hardware purchases. Setup takes just a few minutes and once it is up and running, there is next to no maintenance.

If you already have a spam solution in place and it is labor-intensive and complicated to use, you want to cut costs, or your solution has too many false positives and lets too much spam email through its filters, it is time to make a change.

If you have yet to implement a spam filter, claim back all the lost hours of productivity and improve your organization’s security with SpamTitan.

Contact the TitanHQ team today for further information, details of pricing, and to register for a free trial.