Tampa FL and Galway, Ireland – Dec 5th 2013.  This month SpamTitan was awarded its 3rdVBspam+ award with an impressive spam catch rate and 0% false positive rate. According to Martijn Grooten, author of the Virus Bulletin anti-spam comparative review, SpamTitan was awarded a special VBSpam+ award for ‘a very impressive 99.75% of spam  blocked’ combined with  the fact that ‘the virtual appliance didn’t block a single legitimate email’ . This is SpamTitan’s 3rd VBspam+ award and 24th consecutive Virus Bulletin award since joining the Virus Bulletin test group.

According to SpamTitan Technologies CEO, Ronan Kavanagh ‘The Virus Bulletin tests set strict criteria that security solutions must  meet before receiving an award. Thanks to its tight control and regularity it provides a unique overview of how robust and effective a solution is over time. We are delighted SpamTitan anti spam consistently achieves high marks. The November VBspam+ award is now the 24thconsecutive award for SpamTitan thanks to the continuous hard work of the SpamTitan developers.  READ MORE