SPF Is Not a Silver Bullet for the Prevention of Spam

SpamTitan BOSTON, MA and GALWAY, IRELAND–(Marketwire – June 8, 2009) – SpamTitan, a leading producer of email security solutions, today announced the results of its industry survey of some 500 users of email security solutions exposing several misconceptions around Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

To dispel any misleading references of SPF’s use, it is important to define SPF and its key purpose — an anti-forgery approach in which the Internet domain of an e-mail sender can be authenticated for that sender, thereby discouraging spam mailers who routinely disguise the origin of their e-mail, a practice known as e-mail spoofing.

SpamTitan’s recent survey uncovered that some 43% of small and medium size businesses (SMBs) were under the misconception that SPF is a method that can be used to stop spam from being sent using unauthorized domain names. Approximately 52% of organizations surveyed were not aware that SPF can only stop spammers from forging the "From" field in the e-mail and that SPF does not stop spammers from sending e-mails from a domain of which it is a member. 

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