SpamTitan this week launched an Italian language version of their website along with local support. Available at , the site will allow Italians to explore the benefits of both Spamtitan ISO and SpamTitan for VMware in their own language. The site will also provide Italian sales and technical support via local phone numbers and email addresses. "SpamTitan has been performing very well in the Italy and we felt the time was right to dedicate resources to support this market. This will allow our customers and resellers the local access they need to both purchase the products and also maintain them to ensure they perform to the optimum levels into the future" said Ronan Kavanagh, Sales Director with SpamTitan. "This is the first of many local support centers we will be rolling out over the coming months" he concluded.

Spamtitan – Sede Italiana
Via Zuretti, 25
20125 Milano
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Per contattare la Sede Italiana di SpamTitan telefonicamente:

+39 02 45481521
+39 02 45481160