CRN Magazine this month included SpamTitan in both its Emerging Vendors and Top Emerging Security Vendors showcases.

Over the years CRN has looked at emerging vendors from the IT industry across multiple disciplines and highlights those it feels offer most in terms of innovation, value, support, technical superiority and, importantly for the channel, margin. In looking at these products it is comparing them to the larger brand offerings and identifying alternatives that the channel can look to, products it sees that can meet the main stream brands head on but because of a sharper design focus on the SMB market requirements often provide a better overall fit than that offered by more established vendors.

This year SpamTitan was included in both its overall list of Emerging Vendors and also its Top Security Emerging Vendors. “It is fantastic to be included by CRN in its Emerging Vendor list” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of SpamTitan. “CRN is a well established and trusted name among the reseller and vendor community. Over the years this list has highlighted some excellent companies who really do offer not only viable alternatives to the mainstream, but solutions that can be better suited to SMB end users and the resellers that provide them. Resellers see this in terms of support they get, really getting to know the people in our organization who build and maintain the products. They also see it in their pockets, because our products are not overly distributed we can offer great margins, far in excess of what they are able to achieve when pitted against other resellers all selling the same products from some of the larger brands. Their customers are also happy. Because of the closeness we have to end users, their direct feed back coupled with the agility of our product designers allow us to almost tailor solutions for our customers.”

SpamTitan is installed in minutes by download and immediately protects email users from today’s continuous bombardment of malware, viruses, spam and other threats. SpamTitan includes dual antivirus protection, including Kaspersky Labs, 99% anti spam protection, content filtering, in and out bound email scanning, LDAP integration, a full reporting suite and an automated updating process to ensure management overheads are kept to a minimum.

With an increasing global customer base stretching from Europe to Asia and the US, SpamTitan has received the highest marks after undergoing numerous rigorous tests by accredited independent test labs such as Westcoast Labs among others. SpamTitan has proven its solution to be of the highest technical standards – reaching an enterprise class level of functionality but affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

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