SpamTitan Outperforms Competitors in Virus Bulletin Test with 99.97% Spam Catch rate.

SpamTitan is leading the way at blocking spam with this seventh consecutive Virus bulletin award, one of the top two solutions tested by independent industry Virus Bulletin December Test.

SpamTitan today announced that it has outperformed almost all competitors in the highly respected Virus Bulleting Spam awards. Not only did SpamTitan have the second highest spam catch rate, it combined that with one of the lowest false positive rates of all  the products tested. As a result of this performance SpamTitan earns the much coveted Virus Bulletin award and again receives strong independent endorsement for its highly effective and easy to use spam filtering solution.

This is SpamTitans seventh time to enter the virus bulletin test which this time compared 19 other competing products. The Virus Bulletin is an independent global publication specific to the field of viruses and related malware. SpamTitan, which runs as a virtual machine under VMware, performed extremely well in this test outperforming competitors like McAfee, Sophos, Bit Defender, Fortinet and Symantec. Over the past number of years, spam has grown from a mere nuisance to business users into a major field of criminal activity, the consequences of not blocking this spam can have very damaging consequences.

 “This test validates the market-leading effectiveness of the SpamTitan spam filtering solution, simply put we catch more spam than anyone else,” said Ronan Kavanagh CEO. “When our customers choose SpamTitan they  do not have to choose between catching a large volume of spam or having  a  low volume of false positives, with SpamTitan they get both. We are seeing a  growing number of new customers moving from other solutions, the clear message we are hearing is that once customers deploy SpamTitan they are see an  immediate and dramatic reduction in the level of spam. These independent test results prove that our hard work is paying off and our customers are reaping the rewards in terms of having the very best protection from spam and viruses at an extremely competitive price.

Martijn Grooten, author of the Virus Bulletin Anti-spam comparative review stated that this performance  ‘should make the product’s seventh VBSpam award shine rather brightly.