Boston, MA and Galway, Ireland – November 12, 2008 –  SpamTitan, an e-mail security software provider, announces today that it has released its version 4.14 with an API (Application Programming Interface)  that allows greater support through remote management.  SpamTitan’s software, which is available in both a VMware-certified virtual version as well as an ISO version, is now offering additional support to its ISP (Internet Service Provider) customer base. 

ISPs who use the SpamTitan solution will be able to easily manage a large number of domains by configuring their programming interface via SpamTitan’s API without needing to go through a UI (user interface).  ISPs will have the opportunity to hook the addition of domains directly into the SpamTitan API in order to automate the signing up of new clients to their mail filtering service. This continues SpamTitan’s roll out of features for the ISPs from the ability to manage individual customers domains and whitelists to viewing quarantine reports in 11 different languages.

Business continuity provider Low Cost Host Ltd., based in the UK, has been very successful with SpamTitan’s security solutions. CTO Phillip Baker states: "Automation & integration is the key to both customer satisfaction and low overheads for pretty much any ISP-oriented business in the marketplace today. The addition of API functionality that allows both ourselves and our licencing customers to work on complete integration of SpamTitan into existing automated business processes is a welcome enhancement and shows a commitment by SpamTitan not only to evolving the product but to making our  customers’ businesses a success."

SpamTitan’s CEO Ronan Kavanagh explains, “we have had such tremendous response from ISPs with the functionality of this software, especially at its very accessible price point. We are very pleased to now offer greater automated support, which develops into lower product management overhead and thus lower total cost of ownership for our partners. “

As the first virtual appliance focused on the ISP market, SpamTitan is seeing incredible reaction from their savvy client base.  The virtues of this technology make significant improvements to the way business is managed and automated.  This next level of service through an automated API will once again allow a fresh, progressive manner of doing business.