WebTitan, a new web filtering solution to help organisations protect their resources and protect employees has been launched by global email and Internet security vendor Copperfasten Technologies. SpamTitan, their leading email security solution currently support thousands of companies worldwide in protecting their organisations against spam and other internet threats.  The latest addition to the product portfolio is a powerful web filtering solution that is available in two versions, WebTitan ISO and WebTitan for VMWare.

Popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace allow people to socialise online – whether they are at home, at work, or on the move. The risk is that employees visiting these sites will spend time unproductively. Numerous studies highlight the increasing importance of using content filtering to manage this. One recently reported by the BBC  estimates social networking sites could be costing employers up to £130 million per day in lost man hours. There are also legal concerns for employers when employees use their systems to engage in illegal file sharing or exchange pornographic or offensive material.

WebTitan is a comprehensive filtering solution ideally suited to small- and medium-sized businesses looking for a powerful, easy-to-manage and cost-effective solution for managing employee activity online. WebTitan allows businesses to tightly control which websites can be accessed at work and when. WebTitan also adds value by reducing cost, increasing productivity, improving network security and reducing bandwidth demands along with flexible reporting and tight firewall integration.

The product is available in two formats: as a software appliance (WebTitan ISO); and as a virtual appliance (WebTitan for VMWare).  Real-time content filtering of images and text and strict application controls help WebTitan to block access to inappropriate content. Another key feature is WebTitan’s ability to reinforce company defences by providing URL filtering of up to 53 customisable categories including 10’s of millions of URL’s. The product uses a cloud-based database and real-time classification system to provide an unmatched combination of accurate and scalable coverage.

“Organisations need to adopt a multi-layered web defence strategy that can protect their users and networks from increasingly sophisticated threats,’ said Ronan Kavanagh , CEO of  SpamTitan Technologies. “We were one of the first vendors to offer a virtualised anti-spam appliance for SMBs and now we are one of the first to offer virtualised content filtering.  With many significant benefits such as ease of deployment, streamlined redundancy and backup, and the key benefits of scalability and mobility, the adoption of virtual appliances has been ever increasing.’

“Coupled with its virtual aspect WebTitan’s extensive functionality, in-depth reporting and unmatched accuracy sets it apart from all other web filtering solutions,” he added.

The product is available for free download from the WebTitan website at http://www.webtitan.com . WebTitan offers organisations protection for their data from malware and other internet threats such as viruses, spyware and phishing as well as providing user policy browsing tools to ensure corporate internet policy is adhered to.

WebTitan will be holding a web seminar for customers on to discuss the features and benefits of the WebTitan web filtering solution. To access the seminar, visit the WebTitan website at http://www.webtitan.com and go to the events section of the home page.


Pricing & Availability

Available immediately, WebTitan ISO and WebTitan for VMware costs from $850 WebTitan licenses are banded offering greater flexibility and based on the number of IP addresses accessing the internet concurrently.


About WebTitan

WebTitan a division of Copperfasten Technologies, the global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email security solutions, offers small and medium size businesses the most comprehensive protection from email threats, including SPAM, viruses, Trojans, phishing, malware and other unwanted content. WebTitans unique approach in utilizing next-generation virtualization software eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability but at an affordable price. Integrating best of breed technologies, WebTitan provides an easy to install, easy to manage and highly secure webfiltering solution. WebTitan, a division of  CopperFasten Technologies, is a global company with headquarters in Galway, Ireland. For further information visit, http://www.webtitan.com.