Tampa, FL and Galway, Ireland – 10th March  2014.  SpamTitan Technologies  will release v6.01 in April, a feature rich release of the award winning spam filter  that offers considerable enhancements in usability, security and network management. With centralized management  and control, and flexible on-premises or cloud deployment options, SpamTitan continues to deliver incredibly  cost-effective and manageable capabilities.  SpamTitan 6.1 due to be release early April will offer businesses enhanced and even more powerful email security with additional outbound mail relaying features, improved Application controls, and multiple UI enhancements.

We're really excited here at SpamTitan Technologies," said Sean Doherty Senior Product Developer . "We've put a lot of time and effort into the creation and launch of SpamTitan 6.1 it will be so rewarding to see all that hard work come to fruition in delivering these new features to our customers." 

As part of the release of SpamTitan 6.1 in April users will see the introduction of   advanced policy based rate controls which will allow the rejection or deferral of messages based on a number of criteria further protecting the system from spammers or spam-programs (also known as "spam-bots") that send large amounts of email to the server in a small amount of time.

SpamTitan 6.1 also sees the addition of support for sender based smarthosts. Sender dependent smarthosts provide the ability to relay mail outbound from a particular domain or email address through a specific relay or smarthost. This is used to ease the management of a single mail server with aliases, security, and Internet access rather than maintaining numerous local mail servers.

Another significant feature includes increased delegated administration functions and added support for outbound IP Delivery Pools providing increased protection for an organisations IP reputation and consequently increasing spam catch rate.

"Our mission here at SpamTitan Technologies is to provide secure, reliable and affordable email security solutions to our customers," said Eddie Monaghan, Channel Manager. "We're taking a very customer-centric approach to developing SpamTitan continually implementing customer feedback and feature requests into new product releases, I think that will really shine through in our feature-rich SpamTitan 6.1. Although the company hasn't specified an official launch date yet, we expect SpamTitan 6.1 will be available to all new and existing users within the next couple of weeks."